Sengled Bulb Blinks Twice (Here’s What it Means)

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Sengled bulbs are gaining traction due to their long lighting spans. These bulbs make your daily operations more flexible, especially when they are well-connected to a smart device and controlled remotely.

However, there are times when the lights will have issues and fail to function as you expect.

In some cases, the Sengled bulb keeps on blinking. Blinking generally implies that there is a problem, but to be factful, not all blinks signify the possibility of a problem within the lights.

Keep reading for some insight on Sengled light bulbs blinking.

Blinks Twice! Here is what it means

Blinks Twice Why

When setting up the Sengled light bulbs, it is important to be keen and watch everything that happens with the bulb. This will help you determine if you have set it up appropriately.

After seeing your Sengled light bulbs and successfully connecting to your home Wifi, you expect them to function effectively. In fact, in case of issues, you may start checking your internet connection and not the bulb. However, sometimes the light bulb might be having problems, and the Sengled bulb blinks twice.

If you want to reset your Sengled bulbs, turn on the bulb and then turn it off. Keep turning off/on for at least five times. When.

If you do this procedure properly, the light bulb will flash three times and blink twice. So, when your Sengled bulb blinks twice, it clearly indicates that it has been set up correctly.

Other Reasons Why Your Sengled Bulb Will Blink

Generally, apart from the two blinks, smart bulbs can also blink for these two main reasons.

First, it blinks because there is something wrong with the smart bulb itself, and second, it blinks because of an error associated with the fixture of the house that is linked to lighting.

Blinking due to problems within the bulb

Here are some of the problems within the bulb that will make it blink.

The bulb is in pairing mode or is setting up:

If you are setting up your bulb for the first time, it must be paired with a system that will help control the lights. Some bulbs pair with Wi-Fi, while others have to be paired with a phone Bluetooth. Blinking simply indicates that the bulbs are pairing successfully.

The bulb is set up

Your Sengled bulbs will blink to indicate that it is set up and ready to function. You can then adjust its settings on your smart control device from an application linked to the bulb.

A WiFi connection error

error wifi connection

Even after successfully setting up the smart Sengled bulbs, they may blink to indicate errors within the WiFi. If the WiFi is slow or there is no internet connection, your light will continue blinking. The blinking indicates that the smart bulb is attempting to establish a stable Wi-Fi connection.

Manually resetting or restarting the Sengled smart bulb can solve these issues.

Blinking due to an issue within the house fixtures

Internal home issues can as well make your Sengled bulbs blink. Here are some of such issues.

Electrical damage:

If there is any damage within the electrical wiring system of your home, your smart bulbs may start to blink. You may be able to fix some of the minor electric wiring errors, but for some, you will have to hire an electrical engineer.

Dimmer switch

Your Sengled smart light bulb may be blinking due to dimmer light switches. Apparently, dimmer light switches Gail to work with some smart bulbs.

The light switches for smart bulbs should always stay in the on position to keep the power running and the bulb ready for remote control. Dimmer switches may not pair well with smart bulbs because Sengled smart bulbs have unique dimming capabilities.

Faulty light sockets

Generally, your smart bulb may be blinking due to errors within the socket. If the light socket does not get enough power or is too old, your bulbs will start to blink.

Maybe there is an error with the screwing of the light socket, or the light bulb is tightly fixed. All this will make the bulb blink.

Connection to Alexa

Your light Sengled bulb blinks when connected to Alexa. However, not always will it blink, but if you love the blinks, you can set it on your Alexa application. Create an applet that makes your Sengled smart bulb blink depending on different demands. For example, your bulb can blink when the Alexa timer goes off.


Blinking of Sengled smart light bulbs always indicates that something is happening to the bulb. Two blinks usually indicate that the bulb is successfully set up and ready to function. Other reasons why your Sengled bulbs will blink are listed in this post.

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