Arlo Camera Blinking Orange: Meaning and Fixes

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Arlo security cameras are home security, and smart devices used to provide users with remote monitoring and surveillance capabilities. When an Arlo camera exhibits LED patterns that deviate from its normal operation, such as blinking orange, it indicates a status that needs attention. The blinking orange LED is a specific signal that the camera is experiencing difficulty with power, synchronization, or connectivity.

Understanding what the different LED behaviors mean on an Arlo security camera is an essential part of troubleshooting any issues with an Arlo camera. If an Arlo camera is blinking orange, signifies that the battery level is low, which is a common scenario for battery-powered models that typically last between 3 to 6 months on a single charge.

Alternatively, the orange LED color signal on Arlo security camera indicate that the camera has lost its connection with the Base station or SmartHub and cannot communicate with the cloud servers, which is crucial for it to function correctly.

What does a Blinking Orange Light on Arlo Camera mean?

If an Arlo camera displays a blinking orange light, it typically signifies a connectivity issue. This could mean the camera is having trouble connecting to the internet or the base station. A continuous blinking orange light generally points to a low battery situation or potential hardware problems.

What does solid orange light on Arlo camera mean?

A solid orange light on an Arlo camera generally points to a low battery state. Recharging the camera’s battery or replacing it if the camera uses disposable batteries is suggested.

What does fast blinking amber and slow blinking orange on Arlo camera mean?

It’s important to differentiate between fast blinking amber on Arlo camera and a slow blinking orange, as a rapid pattern could signal the camera is attempting to synchronize with the base station or experiencing trouble during the setup phase.

How to Fix Arlo Camera Issues when Blinking orange

To fix Arlo camera that is blinking orange, follow the instructions listed below:

  • Press the sync button
  • Reset your Arlo camera
  • Resolving Charging and Power Problems
  • Address Connectivity Concerns

Press the sync button

Arlo cameras may exhibit an orange blinking light as a sign of specific error messages such as loss of synchronization with the base station or a low battery. They can fix a sync issue by pressing the sync button on the base station and on the camera.

Resetting Your Arlo Camera

A factory reset can often resolve persistent problems. To perform a reset, they need to hold the reset button until the camera LED flashes amber. After releasing, the camera will restart, potentially resolving any error states.

Resolving Charging and Power Problems

If the camera’s battery isn’t charging, ensure the power source is functional. Should a camera indicate battery issues despite a full charge, one may consider testing the power adapter or cable, or replacing the battery if applicable.

Addressing Connectivity Concerns

Connectivity issues can often be traced back to problems with the Wi-Fi network or internet connectivity. To troubleshoot, check the router’s functionality, ensure the camera is in range, or power cycle the camera and router for a fresh connection attempt.

For a connection error, reestablishing a connection to the Wi-Fi network through the camera’s settings is advised. If issues persist, consulting with Arlo’s support page can provide additional guidance.

What do different types of LED color on Arlo camera mean?

The Arlo camera’s LED indicators with different colors and their meaning are listed below:

  • Solid blue on Arlo Camera: The blue color signifies that the camera is properly connected to power and fully operational.
  • Slow blinking blue on Arlo Camera: This indicates that the camera’s firmware is updating, and it should not be interrupted during the process.
  • Solid amber on Arlo Camera: When the light is a steady amber color, it indicates that the battery is recharging.
  • Fast blinking amber on Arlo Camera: This rapid amber blinking suggests that the camera is not syncing with the base station and cannot connect to the cloud.
  • Blinking purple on Arlo Camera: If the LED flashes purple, the camera has trouble connecting to the internet during setup.
  • Solid purple on Arlo Camera: A solid purple light can appear during a firmware update process.

Understanding the lights and their patterns can assist in prompt and effective troubleshooting. Arlo cameras are equipped with LED lights that convey the device’s status through various colors and patterns.

What are the indications of a properly charging Arlo camera?

A properly charging Arlo camera will typically show a blue light. This light may pulse slowly to indicate that the charging process is ongoing.

What causes an Arlo camera to blink blue before stopping?

When an Arlo camera blinks blue and then stops, it often indicates a successful sync with the base station. After blinking blue, the light should turn to a solid blue briefly before turning off, signifying the sync is complete.

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