How to Share Blink Camera Access

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Blink cameras give you a cheap and easy way to ensure the safety of your home. When properly configured, they allow you to monitor your property in real-time remotely. Even better, you receive alerts when motion is detected near your home. All in all, managing your Blink cameras alone can be tricky due to the nature of their job or routine responsibilities.

If you lead a busy lifestyle, it makes perfect sense to give someone access to your Blink camera so that they can help ensure the safety of your home. So, how do you share Blink camera access?

Surprisingly, this is simple. All you need to share access to your Blink cameras is to give the other person the email address and password associated with your Blink account.

Read on to learn more about using and sharing Blink cameras.

How to share access to your Blink cameras

It is entirely possible to share access to your Blink cameras, and there are different ways to do that. Whatever your reasons, if you want to give someone access to your Blink cameras, you can use either of the following approaches:

Add your Blink account to their device

Your Blink camera system can be accessed from any mobile device where your Blink account is logged in. As such, an easy way to give someone access to your Blink camera is by adding your Blink account to their device. All you need is to provide them with your email and password.

Once the new user has your email and password, they can follow these steps to gain access to your Blink camera:

1.Download the Blink Home Monitor App from the app store

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Use your Blink account credentials to sign in. An SMS message with a verification code will be sent to the phone number of the primary account holder.

Input the verification code on the new device (the smartphone of the person you’re giving access to your cam) and tap Verify. This should allow the new user to access all Blink devices associated with your account, including viewing your camera’s live feed and recorded footage.

2. Add the other person as a user in the Blink App

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You can invite someone to become a user with a few clicks. Launch the Blink app on your smartphone, open the menu by tapping the menu icon, and select Users.

Next, find the + icon (add user) and tap it to open. This will prompt you to enter the details of the person you want to invite. Input the name and email address, and tap Send Invite. Make sure to double-check the email address before sending the invite.

The invitee will be able to log in and access your Blink camera.

3. Share a link to your Blink camera

For Blink camera owners looking to share Blink camera access temporarily, you can share a link to your devices and set how long it will be active. This can be useful if you only want someone to keep an eye on your home on specific days when you’re too busy to manage your smart home security system.

To share a link to your Blink cam, go to your Blink app, open the menu, and tap Devices. From here, select the camera you want to share, and select Share Link. You will be prompted to set how long you want the link to be active. Set a preferred duration, copy the link, and share it with the person you want to give access to your cameras.

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Where to find Blink account login credentials on the app

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Sometimes you may not remember the email you used when signing up on Blink. This is especially true if you have several email addresses. Thankfully, with a few taps, you can easily find the email you are using on your Blink account. Here are steps to find your Blink account email:

  • Launch the Blink app on your smartphone
  • Go to the Account icon, usually on the bottom right of the display.
  • You will be able to see your email on top of the screen that opens.

Understanding what it means to share Blink camera access

The safety and security of your property are of utmost importance. Considering that Blink cameras are meant to enhance security, you might be contemplating whether letting others view your camera’s live feed and footage is okay. Well, while it is normal not to want anyone to access your footage, sometimes it makes perfect sense to do so.

For instance, if you are married or live with other people, it is perfectly fine to let your partner and other households access the Blink cameras. Also, in case you’re a victim of a crime, you may need to share access to let the investigators review your footage.

Ultimately, whether or not to share access to your Blink cameras is a personal decision. Most importantly, ensure the person you give access to your Blink camera footage is full of integrity.

Benefits of sharing access to your security cameras

Whether you lead a busy life or not, you may benefit from sharing access to your cameras. A family member, a friend, or a neighbor with access to your Blink cameras can keep tabs on the safety of your property when you’re busy or away. When hosting events in your yard, you can ensure your family and friends who are unable to attend physically don’t miss any bit of the event by letting them view your camera footage.

Ultimately, giving someone access to your camera footage is a great gift that shows how much you trust them, and they will genuinely appreciate it.


If you own Blink cameras, giving someone access to the footage can help ensure someone is always watching what is happening on your property. This post will help you share access to your Blink Cameras. Best of all, you can manage all verified users of your Blink account and remove any device you don’t recognize. This can go a long way to averting crimes.

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