How to Change Ring Doorbell Sounds: Step by Step Guide

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“Changing Ring Doorbell Sounds” refers to the process of modifying the audible alerts emitted by a Ring Doorbell, a smart home security device. Ring Doorbells offer customizable sound options for their alerts. Users can select different tones for various notifications, enhancing the user experience and personalization. The process of changing these sounds is performed through the Ring mobile application.

The Ring mobile application is a software interface for controlling and customizing Ring devices, including doorbells. Users access the sound settings of their Ring Doorbell through this application. The application provides a variety of sound options, allowing users to choose distinct types of notifications, chimes and alert tones such as motion alerts and doorbell rings. From classical doorbell chimes to fun sounds like bike horns and dog barks, you can pick audio alerts that reflect your personality. The Ring app also enables you to set custom melodies if you have a Ring Pro or Chime Pro.

This guide will help you find the perfect doorbell sound for your home. We’ll explore Ring’s different audio options, detail the steps to change tones right from the app, providetips on silencing the outdoor Chime, and discuss integrating Ring with smart speakers for whole-home notifications. It’s time to give your Doorbell a voice makeover.

How to Find a Perfect Ring Doorbell Sounds

When it comes to finding the ideal Doorbell sounds for your home, the options span from old-fashioned chimes to modern quirky alert tones. Here are some of the categories to consider:

Classic Chimes:

Ring offers charming chimes that echo vintage houses if you prefer a traditional doorbell sound. Choices include the iconic Westminster’s majestic peals, the rhythmic Whittington chimes, the melodic St. Mary’s bells, and more. These elegant tones evoke warmth and familiarity. The classics lend an upscale ambience while still clearly announcing a guest’s arrival.

Everyday Sounds:

Opt for every day sounds like bicycle bells, woodpeckers, door knockers, or chirping birds for a more casual, playful vibe. The rooster crow adds farmhouse flair, too. These unexpected tones add a dash of fun and personality to greet guests. Bicycle bells chime a cheery “coming!” and quirky bird songs suggest relaxed informality.

Holiday Cheer:

Ring lets you set holiday sounds like Jingle Bells or spooky pipe organ music to suit the season. Sprinkle in some festive magic when decorating for Christmas or prepping for Halloween tricks and treaters. Seasonal tones help set the mood for celebrations and gatherings.

Custom Melodies:

With Ring’s premium models like the Video Doorbell Pro 2 or Ring Chime Pro, you can upload custom audio files like popular songs, personal recordings, or inside jokes. Get creative with 10-second melodies to truly surprise and delight guests. Custom sounds let you integrate family members’ voices, celebrate cultural traditions, or set a romantic whole-home mood.

Steps to Change Ring Doorbell Sounds

Here are the step-by-step instructions to change your Ring doorbell sounds:

Step 1: Find your Chime

First, locate your Ring Chime device. It’s typically installed in an indoor area like a wall or shelf close to an outlet. The Chime broadcasts the audio alerts from your Ring doorbell or cameras. Identify the existing Chime placement so you can adjust tones and volume appropriately.

Step 2: Open the Ring app:

Launch the Ring app on your mobile device. This gives you access to your Doorbell and Chime settings.

Step 3: Tap Devices:

Tap the three-line “hamburger” icon in the Ring app menu to open the slide-out menu. Next, choose Devices to view your connected equipment.

Step 4: Select Doorbell:

On the Devices screen, select the specific Video Doorbell model that you want to update. This drills down to individual settings.

Step 5: Choose Chime & Alerts:

With your Doorbell selected, scroll down to the next screen and tap Chime & Alerts. This is the section managing audio settings.

Step 6: Pick a Sound:

Under Doorbell Sound, you’ll see Front Door, Back Door, Shared Devices, etc. tabs based on your equipment. Select a tab and tap the exact tone you want to trigger the Doorbell press. Give it a listen,

Step 7: Adjust Volume:

Use the volume slider in the same Chime & Alerts screen to amplify or reduce the selected tone to fit the room. High ceilings need higher volumes.

Step 8: Set Motion Sound:

While adjusting settings, scroll down to the Motion Detection Sounds section. Here, you can pick an alternate tone to indicate motion events specifically. This adds functionality.

How to Silencing the Outdoor Chime

Sometimes, a more discreet notification approach is preferred. Ring lets you silence the outdoor Chime altogether, ensuring alerts only reach your phone and connected devices privately. Here’s how to mute the outdoor speaker:

  1. Open the Ring app and choose your Doorbell under Devices.
  2. Select Device Settings to access sound options.
  3. Choose General Settings.
  4. Drag the “Doorbell Ringer Volume” slider completely down to 0% to mute the outdoor speaker.

Remember, muting the outdoor Chime doesn’t affect app notifications on your phone, tablet, or computer. Alerts will still reach you silently.

How to Integrate Ring with Smart Speakers for Whole-Home Alerts

While the Ring Chime broadcasts doorbell presses and motion alerts inside your home, you can also integrate Ring with smart speakers and displays to send notifications throughout rooms on multiple floors.

Link Alexa Devices:

Under Connected Services within the Ring app, choose Works with Alexa. Then, scan the devices you want enabled, such as Amazon Echo speakers or displays. This links them to Ring.

Enable Announcements:

In the Alexa app, under Settings, select Announcements. Toggle your linked Ring devices on so that Alexa can announce activity verbally. You can also customize the wording.

Set Activity Zones:

You can set Activity Zones to limit notifications to key areas instead of constant immaterial motion for motion sensors. This fine-tunes functionality, so you only get alerts that matter.

With robust integrations between Ring and leading smart home platforms, you can trigger doorbell chimes and customize motion alerts to reach every room tailored precisely to your needs.


Your front door greetings can sing with personality or exude vintage charm with classics like Westminster chimes broadcasting across sound systems. With a world of tones to explore, mix, and match audio files to craft a unique doorbell signature fit for any season or style. The ability to upload completely custom sounds with Ring’s high-end models opens even more personalized possibilities.

So tap into Ring’s flexible audio settings to give your visitors an unexpected alert surprise. Motion detection tones and smart home integration ensure notifications never have to go unheard. Give your home a voice.

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