How to Change WiFi on Ring Doorbell: Prerequisites and Guide

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Changing WiFi on a Ring Doorbell involves updating the network settings of a Ring Doorbell device to connect to a different wireless network. The Ring Doorbell is a smart home security device that allows users to monitor their doorways through live video streaming, communicate with visitors via two-way audio, and receive notifications on their mobile devices or computers. To ensure the device functions correctly, it must maintain a stable connection to the internet through a WiFi network. When the need arises to change the WiFi network, such as after changing a router or network service provider, the Ring Doorbell requires a manual update of its network settings.

The procedure to change WiFi on a Ring Doorbell begins with ensuring the Ring app is installed on a smartphone or tablet. The Ring app serves as the control center for managing the Ring Doorbell’s settings, including its network connections. Users must open the Ring app and navigate to the device settings section to find their Ring Doorbell listed. Selecting the Ring Doorbell within the app reveals various device options, including a section for network settings.

Changing WiFi on a Ring Doorbell is critical for maintaining the device’s functionality and ensuring continuous security monitoring of the user’s home. This process relies on the interaction between the Ring app and the Ring Doorbell, facilitated through user inputs and the device’s ability to connect to wireless networks. Through this procedure, the Ring Doorbell’s connection to the internet is updated, allowing it to continue providing real-time video streaming, motion alerts, and two-way communication features essential for home security.

What are the Prerequisites Before Changing WiFi on Ring Doorbell?

Before changing WiFi on a Ring Doorbell, several prerequisites must be met to ensure a smooth transition to a new network. These prerequisites form the foundational requirements necessary for successfully updating the device’s network settings.

Check Current WiFi Connection

First, open the Ring app and check that your doorbell cam is currently connected to your WiFi network. The network name will be displayed below the image feed. If it shows a WiFi connection, make a note of the network name, as you’ll need to reconnect to it after changing settings.

Have New WiFi Details On Hand

If you’re changing WiFi networks, make sure you have the SSID (network name) and password handy for the new network to which you want to connect your Ring device. Also, make sure to choose a strong WiFi signal in the location where your doorbell is installed.

Charge Ring Doorbell Battery

If you have a battery-powered Ring doorbell, make sure the battery is fully charged before changing networks. This ensures the doorbell stays on during the WiFi change. Ideally, keep it plugged into a power source during the process.

Update Router Firmware

Check if any firmware updates are available for your WiFi router, and install them if necessary. Keeping the router firmware up to date can prevent connectivity issues when connecting devices like Ring doorbells to the network.

How to Disconnect Ring Doorbell from Current WiFi

Once you’ve completed the prerequisites above, you’re ready to disconnect your internet-connected doorbell from its current WiFi network:

Open Ring App

Launch the Ring app on your smartphone and sign into your account. Tap on the icon in the top left corner to open the menu.

Tap Device Settings

Scroll down and choose “Device Settings” near the bottom of the menu. This will display all your installed and set-up Ring devices.

Select Video Doorbell

Tap your Ring doorbell camera on the Device Settings screen to access its individual settings.

Tap WiFi Setup

Scroll down on your doorbell’s settings screen and tap on “WiFi Setup.” This will launch the setup wizard.

Select Disconnect

On the WiFi network screen, select “Disconnect” next to the name of the WiFi network it is currently connected to. Tap “Disconnect” again on the confirmation popup.

Your Ring doorbell cam is now disconnected from the WiFi network and ready for connection to a new network.

How to Connect Ring Doorbell to New WiFi

After disconnecting your Ring device from its network, follow these steps to connect it to the new WiFi:

Select Add New Network

With your Ring device disconnected from WiFi, the app will automatically prompt you to “Set Up WiFi Connection.” If not, tap the “Add New Network” button.

Enter New WiFi Details

When prompted, enter the SSID (name) and password details for the new WiFi network you want your internet-connected doorbell to connect to.

Test Doorbell Connectivity

The Ring app will now apply these updated settings to your doorbell. When complete, test your doorbell camera feed and try out some of its connected features.

Reboot the Router for Changes (If Needed)

If your doorbell has issues connecting to the new WiFi network, reboot your internet router and try again. This will clear old device connections and refresh the router’s wireless signals.

Once connected to the new details, your Ring device will have access to your WiFi, enabling all smart doorbell features.

Troubleshooting Ring Doorbell WiFi Issues

If your Ring doorbell struggles to maintain a good WiFi connection or fails to apply updated network settings, there are some troubleshooting steps to resolve issues:

Check Doorbell Firmware

In the Ring app, check for firmware updates for your doorbell model. Updating the firmware can fix bugs that cause WiFi problems.

Disable the 5GHz Band on the Router

Some Ring devices have issues connecting to 5GHz networks. Try disabling the 5GHz band on your router settings so only 2.4GHz is broadcasted.

Strengthen WiFi Signal Near the Doorbell

If your doorbell cam shows a weak WiFi signal in the app (1-2 bars out of 5), then the network is struggling to reach your device’s location. Adding a WiFi range extender can boost signals.

Factory Reset Ring Device

As a last resort, resetting your Ring doorbell cam to factory default settings will erase any corrupted data and allow a fresh WiFi setup. Just be sure to back up any video footage first!

Resetting and reconfiguring the WiFi connection usually solves persistently spotty or unresponsive connections.

How to Connecti Multiple Ring Devices to WiFi

If you have configured one Ring device to your WiFi network, connecting additional Ring cameras and lights is very straightforward:

Open Ring App Menu

Launch the Ring app and tap the icon in the top left to open the side menu. Select “Set Up a Device” at the top of the list.

Follow On-Screen Instructions

The app will walk you through step-by-step instructions to connect to another device. The key steps are scanning the QR code on the Ring device and selecting the WiFi details to apply from a configured device.

Sync to Existing Account

Assuming WiFi details are correctly copied over, sync your additional device to your existing Ring account to tie it with other cams and enable all features.

Adding multiple internet-connected Ring products is much faster when the legwork of WiFi setup is already done for your first device. New devices conveniently copy these details via the mobile app workflow.

In summary, changing WiFi networks on a Ring doorbell is manageable on your own. Just disconnect the device in the app, enter new network credentials when prompted, test connectivity, and troubleshoot any lingering connection issues. With a consistent WiFi signal providing the backbone for your smart doorbell’s functions, you’ll remain protected with reliable notifications of any porch activity.

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