Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Opens by Itself

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Malfunctioning of home devices, especially electric ones, is a very common issue experienced in most homes. You will likely hear creaking sounds from your fridge or dishwasher, and your smart lights might start blinking and malfunctioning. If you have installed a MyQ garage door, you expect it to work perfectly. However, there are times when your door will fail you.

The most common issue with the Chamberlain MyQ garage door is that it opens by itself. If you have kept some precious items in the garage, they will be exposed if the door opens on its own. Typically, a garage door is meant to open or close on your command. If it opens by itself, then there is an issue. Luckily, the impossible reasons for opening without commands can be easily identified and troubleshoot.

Why does my chamberlain MyQ garage door open by itself

Here are some of the common reasons why the door opens by itself

Bad weather

The natural atmospheric elements can significantly damage your Chamberlain garage door system. Thunderstorms and rains can bring about a lot of electrical problems with your home systems, including the MyQ garage door opener. Heavy snowfall and ice can also pile on the safety handles of your door, making it reverse its functionality.

Radio interference

A local radio tower, a nearby radio station, an adjacent garage with the same frequency, a police radio call, or a CB radio can interfere with communication signals opening your door.

Beam misalignment

If your MyQ garage door has a photoelectric safety system, its sensors must be aligned correctly. When the sensors misalign, the beam gets cut off, opening the door even after you have closed it.

A short in the circuit board

The circuit board on your garage door is a basic operational unit of the door. This board gets damaged when the circuits within it get short, making the door open and close on its own.

Stuck buttons

The wall panel has buttons that you use to operate the garage door. You can also use a remote to operate the door remotely. Sometimes, these buttons may get stuck when continuously exposed to elements. The stuck buttons sometimes respond to a signal after several seconds, making your door open long after you commanded it.

What to do if your garage door opens by itself

Try the following tips to correct the malfunctioning of your Chamberlain MyQ garage door and stop it from opening by itself.

1. Scan the safety sensor

Modern garage doors have sensors that trigger the chamberlain door to open when they detect any particles blocking it. When the door hits on an object, or if the light beam is broken. The dirt also causes misalignment of sensors, making them not work correctly.

Check the door keenly to remove any debris and dirt around it. This can help you to operate the door smoothly and prevent it from opening on its own. You can also check the door wires’ condition to confirm if they are correctly connected.

2. Investigate if there are crossed frequencies

If your garage door opens by itself at night or when your neighbor opens their garage, then a crossed frequency is possible. The neighbor might use the same frequency code as yours to operate their garage door. You can change the frequency code so that each one gets to use a unique code.

3. Troubleshoot the garage door opener

The problem might be with the door opener, not the door itself. Ensure the opener is clean and that the wiring to the opener is in a good state. If the lock’s keypad is worn out, you must replace it.

4. Check the circuit board and transformer

If the safety sensor and operator button are working well and there is no lousy wiring or connection found, you can check the circuit board and the transformer. Check the voltage in the circuit board and the transformer. This will help you decide whether to replace the circuit board or not.

5. Check the lift settings

Your garage door lift settings determine how high your Chamberlain garage door will open and how low it will close. If they are not set correctly, your door will not close, forcing it to reopen. Check your door’s manual to see how to adjust the screws controlling your door lift limits.


Malfunctioning of the Chamberlain MyQ garage door is a common issue among many homeowners. Once you identify why your door opens by itself, you can easily consider a better troubleshooting method. The above tips can be helpful if your door is opening on itself

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