Troubleshooting When Your Eufy Doorbell Stops Recording Events

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The Eufy video doorbell is a popular smart doorbell camera loved for its sharp 2K video, no monthly fees, and easy installation. However, one of the top complaints from Eufy owners is issues with their doorbell suddenly not recording events.

Instead of capturing video clips of visitors, the camera fails to document anything. If you’re experiencing eufy doorbell not recording events, here are some troubleshooting steps to get it working properly again.

1. Updating the Firmware

Outdated firmware is among the most common culprits for eufy doorbells not recording events. Eufy periodically releases firmware updates to fix bugs and optimize performance in the doorbell camera. However, these updates don’t install automatically – you have to push them to your device manually.

Open the Eufy Security app, go to the Devices page, select your doorbell, and tap on the gear icon to enter Settings.

From here, choose the option to check for firmware updates.

If one is available, tap to install it and wait for the process to complete.

Keeping your firmware up-to-date will ensure maximum compatibility with the Eufy Security app and help prevent issues like the eufy doorbell not recording events.

2. Resetting the Doorbell

If your Eufy doorbell was working fine previously and now has the eufy doorbell not recording events problem, try resetting the device. Resetting it clears out any corrupt cache/data that could be causing glitches.

You can reset the doorbell directly from the app in the device settings. Just tap on the Reset option and confirm.

Alternatively, press and hold the button on the side of the doorbell itself for 10 seconds until it reboots.

Resetting your Eufy doorbell often resolves persistent eufy doorbell not recording events errors.

3. Adjusting Motion Detection Zones

Improperly configured motion detection zones could also be the reason for eufy doorbell not recording events. If the zones are set up incorrectly, the doorbell camera might not be triggering when a visitor is at your door.

Open the Eufy Security app and select your doorbell. Go to the settings and choose Motion Detection.

Here, you can view and adjust the motion detection zones, setting them to cover the door area accurately.

Be sure to save any changes once motion zones are configured correctly. With the right zones set, your Eufy doorbell should reliably record events.

4. Checking Connectivity

Of course, with any wireless smart camera, connectivity issues can lead to problems like eufy doorbell not recording events.

Start by checking the WiFi connection where your Eufy doorbell is installed. Poor signal strength in that area could disrupt the video stream and prevent recordings.

Also, verify the doorbell cam is getting sufficient power from the existing doorbell wires or the internal battery if installed wire-free.

Insufficient power can cause intermittent operation. Re-pairing the device in the Eufy app can also help reset any connectivity issues leading to recording failures.

5. Clearing App Cache and Data

Glitches or corruption in the Eufy Security app can prevent proper communication with the doorbell camera. This manifests as problems like eufy doorbell not recording events. Clearing the app’s cache and data can wipe out these software issues.

On an iOS device, delete and reinstall the Eufy Security app from the App Store. On Android, go into app settings and tap Clear Cache, followed by Clear Data.

Then, force-stop the app and restart it. Re-linking your Eufy account and doorbell should resolve any app issues causing recording failures.

6. Contacting Eufy Support

If you still can’t resolve the eufy doorbell not recording events problem after trying the above troubleshooting, it’s time to contact Eufy support. Provide detailed information on when the issue started, steps you have taken to troubleshoot, and specifics about your doorbell model, home WiFi network, and Eufy Security app version.

With this information, Eufy support can better diagnose the cause of the recording failure. They may suggest additional troubleshooting steps, resetting your doorbell account, or arranging a replacement if your unit is defective. Having Eufy support’s help can get your doorbell reliably capturing and saving all events again.


Issues like eufy doorbell not recording events often include firmware, connectivity, device resetting, app troubleshooting, or motion detection adjustments. Following this troubleshooting sequence can efficiently zero in on the cause so your Eufy video doorbell works as intended. Keep firmware updated, fine-tune motion zones, and contact Eufy support if problems persist.

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