Ring Stick-up Cam Mount Guide: All You Need To Know

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The Ring Stick-Up Cam is an outdoor camera from Ring that’s easy to set up and get started with. This camera is so versatile that it can attach to a wide range of surfaces without any issue.

But how easily can you mount it to different surfaces? Does the manufacturer offer the necessary mounts for it? Well, Ring includes only a single mount in the box and it’s inherently limited in terms of mounting options that it provides. 

Since Ring is a versatile outdoor cam designed to mount on many different surfaces, some buyers invest in third-party camera mounts to make the most out of their Ring Stick-Up Cam. Others simply get creative with this original mount as I’ll show you in a bit. 

More About the Ring Stick-Up Cam mount

The official mount for the Ring Stick-Up Cam lets you attach your camera to any surface so that you can get interesting angles that otherwise you wouldn’t with only your camera. It comes with everything you’ll need to stick the camera to any surface. These include an articulated arm that enables you to achieve any interesting angle you want and masonry bits that allow you to attach the camera to tougher walls. 

articulated arm on ring stick up cam
articulated arm on ring stick up cam

The mount is built into the camera but you can detach it from the camera. As such, you can use it in two different ways; 

  • As the base of the camera if you leave it intact.
  • As a separate mount for your camera if you detach it from your camera. 

The advantages of having this dedicated camera mount cannot be emphasized enough. Not only will you be able to achieve angles that otherwise you wouldn’t with your camera, but you can also be sure that your camera won’t slide or fall from where you attach it and break. 

However, even though the Ring camera mount system is known to offer a few amazing benefits, as shown above, that is not to say that it’s without some drawbacks. One of its disadvantages is that it offers fewer mounting options than some good third-party mounts on the market. 

Fortunately, the company has one additional mount for buyers who will not be satisfied with this mouth, which the Ring Stick-Up cam comes with as a built-in accessory. If you need a camera mount with more mounting options than the above two, you’d be better off with a third-party mount such as TIUIHU

The TIUIHU Camera Mounting Kit (A Good Alternative third-party camera mount kits )

It’s one of the best third-party camera mount kits suitable for the Ring Stick-Up camera. It boasts 360-degree rotation that gives you a full rotation option. Despite that, it’s available for nearly half the price of the Ring mount kit. 

TIUIHU Camera Mounting Kit information benefits
TIUIHU Camera Mounting Kit information benefits

Unfortunately, you can’t rotate a video within the Ring app, so the “360-degree rotation” option isn’t of much help when you are using a Ring Stick-Up camera with the mount. 

Should You Use Third-Party Mounts For Ring Stick-up Cam?

While there’s no getting away from the fact that third-party mounting kits get the same job done for less, there’s always a catch. First, Ring doesn’t support third-party products. That means if your Stick-Up Cam is having issues and the company suspects it’s due to your third-party mount, they’ll probably not help you.

Additionally, some of these mounts may be poor in quality such that they may not hold your camera properly or stick to the wall properly. Either way, your expensive camera may fall and break. And since the manufacturer doesn’t cover third-party transactions, it means they’ll not compensate you with a new camera. 

As you can see, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages of having a third-party camera mount kit. That means you shouldn’t waste your money on such kits unless your Ring mount kit is broken and the cost of getting a new one is simply out of your budget.

Getting A Little Creative With Your Ring Stick-Up Camera and Mounting Kit

The Ring Stick-Up cam and its mounting kit aren’t ideal for those who are obsessed with creative filming or video recording. After all, you can’t change the angle at which you film or even the orientation of your film as this outdoor camera is locked into a single orientation!

However, with a little creativity, you can change the camera angle a bit to capture various levels of detail, using the mount. All you want to do here is to screw the mount into the wall at an angle and then hang the cam at an angle as well. 

Unfortunately, you can’t do something more drastic such as mounting the camera on the roof or ceiling upside down. As you already know, the Ring Stick-Up Outdoor camera comes with a locked orientation. Yes, it’s locked into an upright position. That means, even though the mounting kit may allow you to screw the camera upside down, you’ll not enjoy the resulting recordings as they’d be upside down. Similarly, motion detection may be hindered such that your camera system may not be able to detect motion as expected. 

If you want to do more drastic stuff with Ring products, you’ll need to purchase the Ring indoor camera. Unlike its outdoor counterpart, this camera isn’t locked into a single orientation! That means you can change the angle at which you film or even the orientation of your film however you like. Even the motion detection feature will continue to function unhindered. And just like the former, it comes with a mounting kit so you don’t have to worry about finding a suitable kit. 

Final Thoughts

The Ring mounting kit is an important accessory that comes as part and parcel of your Stick-Up outdoor camera. Built into the camera but at the same time detachable from it, it serves as the base of the camera and also as the necessary mount that allows you to attach the camera to any surface. Because it has a few limitations in terms of mounting options it provides, the company also offers an extra mounting kit that you can buy separately to make the most out of your camera. You may also choose to buy a third-party mounting kit that is compatible with the camera such as TIUIHU. However, this can come with a few drawbacks, as explained earlier.

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