How To Fix MyQ Garage Door ‘Authentication Is Insufficient’ Errors

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Smart garage features enable you to check and inordinate the activities in your garage even when away. Considering that a garage keeps valuables that can amount to a lot of money and are highly valued, you may not want to have anyone mess with it when you are away. Having a smart garage door will enable you to check on the state of your garage.

MyQ garage door makes smart garage operation a reality. You can monitor your garage door and entire home lighting system from anywhere. To add on, you can prepare schedules, get real-time notifications, or share the app with your family and trusted friends. With this garage door feature, you can operate your home like you are fully present, even though you are on vacation far away from home.

However, there are times when your smart door will fail to operate ‘smartly’. Luckily, most of the problems that MyQ garage door experiences are simple to resolve. For instance, you may have just installed MyQ, and it operates well but eventually fails, and experiences ‘authentication Is Insufficienterrors. This post will cover tips to help you solve such problems.

Why MyQ ‘authentication Is Insufficient’ errors and how to fix

Your garage MyQ will show ‘authentication Is Insufficient’ errors when the internet connection has failed.

Authentication may not occur where there are issues with the Wi-Fi router or the connection itself. Unfortunately, you will not be able to use your smart garage door if it fails to authenticate. But still lucky, here are a few tips to help fix such an error.

1. Clear the MyQ application data

Clearing the data of your application is a simple way to solve the connection problem. Using your mobile device, clear the app data making the app appear to be very new and unused. This is done through the storage setting.

Afterward, reopen the app and try connecting it. In most cases, it connects effectively without any errors.

2. Reboot the router

The main cause of authentication errors originates from the Wi-Fi router. Reboot the rooter is one off the most effective ways to ensure it functions efficiently. Rebooting is believed to be the best way to streamline network errors.

A reboot simply refreshes the device and helps you deal with other network errors. In most cases, authentication and connectivity errors are solved by a simple reboot.

3. Move close to the router

Most people have found this very effective. Moving near the wifi source effectively ensures your MyQ-installed device receives a steady network connection. The closeness will make it possible for the network waves to move directly to the MyQ device without any distractions.

If your house has thick walls, and the distance between the router and the other device with MyQ is more than 20 feet away, you can limit the distance between them and lower the possibilities of network fluctuations.

4. Restart the Wi-Fi router

With several wireless devices installed in your home, the Wi-Fi router will strain a lot to supply all these devices with the network connection. Turning some of these devices off will enable your MyQ to authenticate without problems.

The authentication error should be solved as soon as you restart the router. However, you will have to try other possibilities to narrow down further other hidden errors on your MyQ smart device.

5. Change the rooter

Maybe the major problem is with the wifi router. Changing the router and replacing it with another one can help out solve the authentication error.

With the new router, try to access the MyQ server and check for a response on your device. It is expected that the problem will be solved immediately. However, if it fails, ho to the settings and reset the application.

6. Fix the permissions

Maybe you are having problems because you have restricted your application from accessing the internet. First, confirm that you are using the updated version and then check for permissions you have given your device. If it is restricted in some way, you can reset it so that it accesses the available wifi.

7. Remove VPN

VPN keeps your device safe from external attacks. However, it interferes with authentication and server connection when you are trying to use the MyQ account. If you experience authentication errors, limit the VPN activity or uninstall it.


The situation of fixing the ‘authentication Is Insufficienterror on MyQ is not very hard to solve. All you need is to check your internet connection and ensure it is stable enough to enable the authentication of your device. With steady internet, your smart garage operations will not be interfered with regularly.

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