Philips Hue Bridge Not Connecting to Internet: Reasons and How to Fix it

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Connecting your new Philips Hue smart lights to your home Wi-Fi network should be a seamless process with the Hue bridge – the small, rounded hub that serves as command central for your Hue system. But that excitement over your new color-changing, dimmable, smartphone-controlled lights can quickly turn into frustration when that little Hue bridge fails to connect to your home internet.

Suddenly, you’re unable to control your lights remotely or even turn them on, left wondering why the Hue bridge isn’t linking up to the web as it should. Before you get too far down the rabbit hole of resets and factory resets, first know this is a common issue with some simple solutions.

There are a few key reasons the Hue bridge may not be connecting to the internet and several troubleshooting tips you can try to get your new lights back up and running.

Reason 1: Failed Wi-Fi connection

One of the most common reasons a Hue bridge cannot connect to the internet is because it has failed to connect or lost connection to your home Wi-Fi network.

Philips Hue Bridge is not connecting to the internet.

Some things to check:

• Make sure your router is on and working correctly. Check that other Wi-Fi devices can connect to your network.

• The Hue bridge must be within range of your router’s Wi-Fi signal. Move it closer if needed.

• Press the round button on the top of the Hue bridge to retry the Wi-Fi connection.

• Philips Hue Bridge is not connecting to the internet. Reboot your router and Hue bridge.

• Double-check that the Wi-Fi network name and password entered in the Philips Hue app matches your router settings. Re-enter if needed.

Reason 2: Outdated bridge firmware

The firmware on the Hue bridge controls its functions and needs to be kept updated. An outdated firmware version can sometimes cause connectivity issues.

You can manually check for Hue bridge firmware updates in the Philips Hue app:

• Open the Philips Hue app and go to Settings > Bridge > Check for Updates

• If an update is available, install it, and that may resolve any internet connectivity issues

• Philips Hue Bridge is not connecting to the internet. You can also enable automatic firmware updates in the Hue app settings.

Reason 3: Bridge placement

The physical placement of the Hue bridge can impact its Wi-Fi connectivity. The bridge should ideally be located:

• Near your router for optimal Wi-Fi signal strength

• Out in the open, not blocked by walls or objects

• Away from electrical devices that could interfere with wireless signals

• Philips Hue bridge is not connecting to the internet. Try temporarily moving your Hue bridge closer to the router or into an open area to see if connectivity improves. You may need to relocate it for better Wi-Fi coverage.

Reason 4: DNS server or ISP issues

Connectivity problems contacting the internet and Philips servers may sometimes stem from issues with your DNS servers or ISP rather than the bridge itself.

Things to try:

• The philips hue bridge is not connecting to the internet Restart your router and modem. This may help refresh the DNS and internet connection.

• Temporarily switch your DNS servers on your router or computer to public servers like Google ( or Cloudflare (

• Contact your ISP if connectivity issues persist across multiple devices. There could be an outage or network problem in your area.

Fix Philips Hue Bridge Not Connecting to the internet By Bridge reset

If you continue having persistent issues with the Hue bridge not connecting to the internet, you can try resetting the bridge to factory settings.

Note this will remove all configured lights and settings, so you’ll need to set it back up from scratch.

Steps to reset a Hue bridge:

• Philips hue bridge is not connecting to internet. Press and hold the round button on the top of the bridge for 10-15 seconds until the light pulses.

• Release the button, and the bridge will reset itself. The light will turn green when it is done.

• You can now attempt to reconnect it to the Philips Hue app and your Wi-Fi.

Resetting can help clear any software bugs or inconsistencies that may be preventing proper connectivity.

Contact Philips support

If you still cannot get your Hue bridge to connect to the internet after trying the above troubleshooting, you should contact Philips support:

• Philips hue bridge not connecting to Internet You can contact support through the Philips Hue app – go to Settings > Bridge > Contact Support

• Explain the connectivity issue and the steps you’ve tried. Provide your bridge serial number.

• They may be able to provide specialized troubleshooting tips or determine if your bridge is defective.

• You can request a replacement bridge if needed through their support process.

With the right troubleshooting steps, you should be able to resolve most issues that are preventing your Philips Hue bridge from connecting to your home internet. Check the bridge placement, firmware, router connection, perform resets, and contact Philips support if problems continue. This will get your bridge back online and connect with your smart lights.

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