Wemo Smart Plugs Not Detected – Causes and Fixes

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The ability to control and monitor devices remotely is one of the most useful features of smart home technology. However, few things are more frustrating than when your smart gadgets can’t connect and seem to go “offline” or become undetected by their control apps.

Wemo smart plugs are one of the most popular options for adding intelligence and automation to traditional appliances and electronics. But sometimes, these handy plugs will fail to appear in the Wemo app or voice control platforms, causing them to become unusable.

What are Wemo Smart Plugs?

Wemo smart plugs are a line of internet-connected plugs and switches made by Belkin. They allow you to control and monitor appliances and devices plugged into them using a smartphone app or voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Some key features of Wemo smart plugs include:

  • Remote on/off control – Turn devices on or off remotely using the app even when away from home.
  • Scheduling – Set schedules to turn devices on or off automatically at certain times. Useful for lights, fans, etc.
  • Usage monitoring – Check real-time energy usage of connected devices.
  • Voice control – Control plugs using voice commands with Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri.
  • Away mode – Randomly turn lights and other devices on/off to make it look like someone’s home when you’re away.
  • Compatibility – Works with a wide range of smart home platforms like HomeKit, Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings, etc.
  • Compact size – Small design easily fits into tight spaces and doesn’t block other outlets.

What Are The Common Causes of Wemo Smart Plugs Not Being Detected?

There are several common reasons why Wemo smart plugs may fail to be detected by the app or voice assistant platform:

Outdated Firmware

Like most smart devices, Wemo periodically releases firmware updates with bug fixes and new features. If the firmware on your Wemo plugs is outdated, it can cause connectivity issues. Make sure to check for and install any available firmware updates.

WiFi Connection Issues

Disconnections or weak wifi signals between the plug and your router can prevent remote access. Make sure your wifi network is operating well and the plug is within range. If needed, move the plug closer to your router or access point.

Wrong WiFi Network

If you recently changed your wifi SSID or password but didn’t update the settings on the Wemo plug, it will fail to connect. Make sure your plug is connected to the correct wifi network.

App or Platform Problems

Buggy apps and platform issues also commonly cause smart devices to drop off the network. Make sure you have the latest app version installed. Reinstalling or resetting apps can also resolve glitches.

Router Bandwidth Issues

Some routers can only handle a limited number of connected smart devices. If you’ve added several new devices, your router may be overwhelmed. Check if your router bandwidth needs to be increased.

DHCP Assignment Issues

Some routers fail to properly assign DHCP addresses to smart devices. Rebooting your router and plug can help reset DHCP assignments.

How to Fix Wemo Smart Plugs Not Being Detected

Here are some step-by-step troubleshooting tips to get your undetected Wemo smart plugs back online:

  1. Check the plug LED – The LED on the plug indicates its status. If it’s flashing amber, the plug is in setup mode and needs to be connected to wifi. A solid green or blue LED means it’s connected. No light could mean a hardware issue.
  2. Reboot the plug – Rebooting the plug resets its network connection. Unplug it from power for 30 seconds then plug back in. Wait a few minutes for it to reconnect to wifi.
  3. Update firmware – In the Wemo app, go to your device list and check if any plugs have pending firmware updates. Install the latest firmware.
  4. Reinstall the Wemo app – Deleting and reinstalling the latest version of the Wemo app can clear up software glitches that cause connectivity problems.
  5. Reset the plug – Factory resetting your Wemo plug will clear all settings which often resolves issues. Press and hold the setup button on the plug for 10 seconds until the LED blinks rapidly, then pair it with wifi again.
  6. Change wifi channel – Try changing your router’s wifi broadcast channel/frequency. Channel conflicts with neighboring networks can interfere with smart devices.
  7. Disable and re-enable wifi connectivity – On some routers, toggling wifi connectivity off and back on makes DHCP reassign addresses properly.
  8. Check router firmware – Update your router firmware if available. Old router firmware versions are more prone to smart device conflicts.
  9. Replace the plug – If no other troubleshooting fixes the issues, the Wemo plug hardware itself may be faulty. Contact Wemo support or replace the defective unit if still under warranty.

Following these troubleshooting steps should solve most instances of Wemo smart plugs not being detected or dropping offline.

Be sure to also check the support page on the Wemo app or website for additional tips.

Consistent connectivity issues may require router or network improvements to support reliable smart home device operations.

How To Prevent Future Connectivity Issues With Wemo Smart Plug

Here are some tips to minimize connectivity problems with your Wemo smart plugs in the future:

  • Periodically check for and install Wemo app and firmware updates
  • Place plugs closer to the wifi router or access point for stronger signal.
  • Limit the number of devices connected to the plugged-in appliance.
  • Set plugs to a static IP address instead of DHCP if possible.
  • Reboot the plugs and router occasionally to clear any glitches.
  • Remove any large sources of electrical interference near the plug.
  • Use a wifi analyzer to check for and change channels conflicting with neighbors.
  • Upgrade to a mesh wifi system if router range is insufficient.
  • Consider wiring high-priority smart devices if feasible.

By following best practices for smart home network setup, you can avoid headaches from your Wemo plugs disconnecting or not being reachable in the future. Check connectivity consistently and continue troubleshooting when issues arise. This will provide you with the full benefits of automated and voice-controlled devices.


Wemo smart plugs are extremely convenient for adding remote control and automation to ordinary devices and appliances. However, like most smart home gadgets, they can occasionally run into wireless connectivity problems that cause them to show up as undetected in the Wemo app. By troubleshooting issues methodically using the tips outlined in this article, you can get your Wemo plugs back online quickly. Don’t forget to also optimize your home wifi network setup and follow best practices for robust smart device connectivity. With a little diligent maintenance, you’ll be able to continue enjoying the benefits of intelligent, connected conveniences with your Wemo smart plugs for years to come.

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