Will Blink Cameras Work with SimpliSafe?

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SimpliSafe and Blink are two popular brands of home security systems. SimpliSafe offers a range of security sensors and monitoring services, while Blink offers wireless outdoor and indoor security cameras.

Many homeowners wonder if they can use Blink cameras with a SimpliSafe system to create a fully integrated home security solution.

In this article, we’ll look at the compatibility between Blink and SimpliSafe and the benefits and drawbacks of combining the two systems.

Overview of SimpliSafe and Blink

SimpliSafe is a home security provider offering sensors, alarms, entry detectors, and monitoring services. The critical advantage of SimpliSafe is flexibility – homeowners can choose anything from individual sensors to a full-blown monitoring package.


Blink, owned by Amazon, offers wireless indoor and outdoor security cameras. AA batteries power-blink cameras and wirelessly sync videos and alerts to the cloud. A key advantage of Blink is its easy setup without wiring or cables.

Are Blink and SimpliSafe Compatible?

The short answer is yes – Blink and SimpliSafe are compatible. SimpliSafe has an app integration that allows you to connect Blink cameras and view live feeds directly within the SimpliSafe app. However, some things could be improved in how the two systems integrate.

How to Connect Blink with SimpliSafe

Connecting Blink cameras with SimpliSafe is a relatively straightforward process. You will need the Blink app, the SimpliSafe app, and a subscription to the SimpliSafe monitoring service.

The steps include:

  • Set up your Blink cameras in the Blink app and ensure they work.
  • In the SimpliSafe app, go to the ‘Integrations’ section and select the Blink integration.
  • Log in using your Blink app credentials, and all your cameras will sync.

Once connected, you’ll see live feeds from your Blink cameras directly in the SimpliSafe app alongside your other SimpliSafe sensors and devices.

Benefits of Integrating Blink and SimpliSafe

Expanded Motion Detection Coverage

Integrating Blink cameras provides wireless motion detection up to 50 feet from the SimpliSafe base station.

This greatly expands the area you can cover with motion sensing.

Strategically placed Blink cameras can detect activity in large rooms, long hallways, yards, and more.

Live Video Streaming

Blink cameras allow you to detect motion and view live streams of the activity.

Rather than basic motion alerts, you can visually confirm events through your Blink camera feeds. Streaming video enhances monitoring awareness.

Two-Way Communication

The two-way audio feature of Blink cameras adds utility. If the motion is detected, you can use the camera’s built-in mic and speaker to warn potential intruders that they are being observed.

Real-Time Notifications

When a Blink camera detects motion, it instantly triggers the SimpliSafe base station siren and pushes alerts to your smartphone. You’ll know of suspicious activity ASAP, even if you’re away.

No Subscription Needed

Linking Blink cameras to SimpliSafe requires no extra fees. You only need an active monitoring plan to enable recording capabilities. Motion alerts work without paying monthly subscriptions.

Quick Simple Setup

Connecting Blink and SimpliSafe takes just a few steps in their apps. No other hardware or complex setup is needed. The systems communicate reliably once linked via WiFi.

Remote Arm/Disarm

When linked to SimpliSafe, Blink cameras can arm or disarm your SimpliSafe system remotely. Just access your Blink camera live view and use the on-screen buttons to control your system’s status.

Temperature Monitoring

Some Blink camera models have built-in temperature sensors that detect changes. This data can be sent to SimpliSafe to alert you if unusual temperature fluctuations occur in rooms.

Access Event Playback

With an active SimpliSafe subscription, motion events captured by your Blink cameras can be played back directly in the SimpliSafe app timeline for later review.

Power Outage Alerts

If your WiFi goes down from a power outage, your Blink cameras will alert SimpliSafe of the loss of connection. This ensures you’re notified of a power disruption even if the Internet is cut.

Limitations of Blink and SimpliSafe Integration

While Blink and SimpliSafe integrate at a basic level, there are some limitations:

  • No cloud storage for Blink videos – You only get live feeds but no video history or storage.
  • Limited camera controls – You can only view live feeds, not control pan/zoom, etc.
  • No automation based on camera events – Blink motion events can’t directly trigger SimpliSafe actions like lights turning on.
  • Separate firmware updates – No central management for updates across both systems.


Blink and SimpliSafe are compatible home security solutions that can provide an integrated solution when connected. While the integration is essential, you can view live Blink camera feeds within the SimpliSafe app and trigger alarms based on camera events. However, consider a security system offering cameras and sensors in a unified platform for full functionality and automation.

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