6 Ways to Fix Wyze Cam Battery Not Charging

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The Wyze Cam is a popular wireless security camera that runs on a rechargeable battery. One common issue Wyze Cam owners face is that the camera’s Battery stops charging or won’t hold a charge.

There are several potential reasons for the Wyze Cam battery not charging properly, including faulty charging cables, battery issues, and problems with the charging port.

This article will explore the main causes of Wyze Cam battery charging problems and provide troubleshooting tips to get the battery charging again.

1. Inspect the Charging Cable

When troubleshooting a Wyze Cam battery that won’t charge, the first thing to check is the charging cable. Ensure you are using the original USB cable with your Wyze Cam. Substituting a different third-party cable often leads to charging issues, even if the cable fits. Examine the entire length of the OEM charging cable for any damage or bent/broken pins which could disrupt power flow. Worn or damaged charging cables are a common reason for charging failures.

Also, check both ends of the cable and ensure they are fully inserted into the camera’s charging port and the USB power adapter or power bank. Loose connections can prevent proper charging. Wiggle the cable ends gently to check if they are loose. There should be no gaps between the cable and port. A loose cable could cause intermittent charging.

Finally, test the cable by using it to charge another device like a mobile phone. If the cable charges other devices normally, then the Wyze Cam’s charging issue likely lies elsewhere. But if the cable fails to charge other items, it must be replaced. Only use original Wyze cables for optimal compatibility.

2. Verify Power Source and Output

After confirming the charging cable is functional, the next step is to check the power source. Ensure the power adapter or power bank you use to charge the Wyze Cam battery produces sufficient output of at least 5V/1A. Lower amperage adapters may power the camera but not charge the Battery. Check the output rating printed on your adapter to verify the optimal 1A+ current.

Try using different wall outlets if the original outlet is faulty and causing charging disruption. Loose wall outlets can impact power output. If charging via a portable battery pack, ensure it has ample charge remaining and test it by charging a separate device first.

If charging from a computer USB port, remember that most PC/laptop ports provide only 0.5A current. While fine for powering the camera, this may be insufficient to charge the Wyze Cam battery. For proper charging, plug the camera directly into a wall outlet.Proper cable and power source are necessary for Wyze Cam charging. Before further troubleshooting, double-check these essential factors.

3. Inspect Camera’s Charging Port

If the charging cable and power source check out okay, problems with the Wyze Cam charging port may prevent battery charging.

First, use a toothpick or canned air to gently clean out any dust, dirt, or debris that may have accumulated in the charging port. A buildup of foreign material is a common cause of poor device charging.

Next, visually inspect the port for damage like bent or broken pins. The charging port has delicate copper contacts that must align perfectly with the charging cable. If these pins get bent even slightly, charging issues can occur.

When closed, check if the rubber flap covering the charging port sits flush with the camera body. Any gaps, tears, or misalignment of this flap can expose the port to moisture or dust infiltration.

Try gently cleaning the port with isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab to remove any oxidation or material buildup on the copper charging contacts. Let the port fully dry before reconnecting power.

As a last resort, gently wiggle the charging cable when inserted to check for loose port connections. If wiggling the cable causes charging to start briefly, the port may have broken solder joints. This would require professional electronics repair to fix.

Take care not to damage the charging port when inspecting or cleaning it. If the port shows obvious damage, you may need to contact Wyze support about potential charging port replacement. Proper functioning and cleanliness of the charging port are key for power transfer.

4. Test the Battery Outside the Camera

If you still can’t get the Wyze Cam battery to charge after inspecting the cable, power source, and charging port, the Battery itself may need replacing.

Test whether the Battery is still functional by charging it outside the camera using a USB battery bank, wall adapter, or external charger. This bypasses the Wyze Cam’s internal charging components.

If the Battery successfully charges when connected directly to an external power source, the Wyze Cam’s internal charging circuitry is likely faulty. Contact Wyze support for camera repair options.

However, if the Battery fails to charge even when connected directly to various power sources, it’s likely reached the end of its lifespan and needs replacing.

Wyze Cam batteries are consumable components rated for 6-12 months of average use before needing replacement. The exact battery lifespan varies based on frequency of use and environmental factors. But charging issues after a year or more usually indicate a dead battery.

Check the age of your Wyze Cam and duration of battery use to help determine if replacement is needed. Also, look for any battery swelling, which can impair charging ability. Wyze’s mobile app also provides battery health monitoring.

While batteries degrade over time, other factors like damage, defects, or extreme temperatures can also cause premature failure. In any case, an old, non-charging battery requires a new replacement battery.

5. Obtain a Replacement Wyze Cam Battery

If you determine the Battery is no longer functioning, replacement Wyze Cam batteries can be purchased directly from Wyze online for around $20-30.

Only use original Wyze batteries to ensure compatibility, safety, and optimal performance. Third-party or knockoff batteries often need to deliver proper power output.

When installing the new Battery, follow Wyze’s guidance on proper battery orientation and connections. You’ll also need to sync the new Battery to the camera using the mobile app. The app provides battery performance monitoring capabilities.

Proper battery conditioning and care will maximize its lifespan. Avoid depleting the Battery completely before recharging. Store the camera in moderate room temperatures when not in use. Wyze recommends a full charge cycle about once per month to calibrate the Battery.

Check your Wyze account online to see if any order discounts or special offers are available on replacement batteries or accessories. Buying directly from Wyze ensures genuine OEM parts for your camera.

Replacing an old, defective battery with a new Wyze battery will breathe new life into your malfunctioning camera and eliminate frustrating charging issues. Just be sure to dispose of lithium-ion batteries properly.

6. Contact Wyze Support

If a new battery doesn’t resolve your Wyze Cam’s charging problems, contact Wyze support for further troubleshooting. You can submit support requests directly through the Wyze mobile app.

Provide details on the specific charging issue plus steps you’ve taken to troubleshoot. Support can diagnose problems remotely and provide guidance.

For cameras still under 1-year warranty, Wyze may offer a replacement unit if they cannot resolve the issue. Out-of-warranty cameras may receive discounted repair rates.

Have your camera order invoice handy when contacting support. Proof of purchase is required for warranty claims.


Troubleshooting a Wyze Cam with a non-charging battery may require testing components like the cable, adapter, Battery, and charging port to identify issues. Start with easy DIY steps like using the original charging equipment, inspecting ports, and cleaning contacts. If the Battery itself seems defective, replacement Wyze batteries are readily available. For prolonged charging problems, the Wyze support team can provide additional troubleshooting to restore your camera to working order. You can overcome frustrating Wyze Cam charging challenges with diligent testing and assistance.

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