Blink Camera Keeps Going Offline (Here’s How To Fix It)

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Blink cameras are the go-to smart home security cameras for many people. They are affordable and connect to WiFi, allowing homeowners to monitor their property from anywhere. However, they aren’t without their own set of problems.

One of the biggest issues Blink users run into is when their Blink camera keeps going offline. Your Blink can go offline for several reasons, from power failure to connection issues. Thankfully, you can get your Blink up and running quickly with simple troubleshooting steps.

Why Your Blink Camera Keeps Going Offline?

All Blink cameras, except the Blink Mini, come with a Sync Module, the central hub your cameras use to communicate and connect to the network. One cause for Blink cameras to go offline is when they cannot connect to the Sync Module, especially when a power outage disrupts the link between the Module and the router. Like any other electronic device, your Blink cameras can also run out of batteries.

Another reason your Blink camera might go offline is a weak internet connection or changes in network settings. The camera becomes inactive when the connection is lost because it can’t connect and sync to servers.

Even when everything is properly configured, you might receive a notification your camera is offline if it requires a reset or due to hardware defects. Whatever the cause, if the camera can’t connect with the Sync Module, the normal view on the Blink Home Monitor app is grayed out.

How To Fix Blink Camera Going Offline

When troubleshooting an offline Blink camera, the preliminary step is identifying the underlying cause. Confirm that your camera is well-powered, and inspect the cables and cords to ensure everything is in place.

Resetting your router can often solve many Blink camera connection issues, but it is not the only solution. Here are different ways to troubleshoot your camera when it keeps going offline:

1. Check Your WiFi Connection

Network instability and other connection issues often cause Blink cameras to go offline. To know if you are dealing with connection issues, check the WiFi signal transmission directly from the Blink Home Monitor app.

To check the signal, launch your Blink app, go to Device Settings, and then select Sync Module Status. This will display signal strength for your Module.

Next, click on the three-bar icon next to your Blink camera’s name to check its signal strength. If the camera doesn’t get three bars, relocate it or the Sync Module so that they are closer together. Keep in mind Blink cameras should be within 100 feet of the Sync Module. Place your Sync Module next to the router for the best signal strength.

2. Power Cycle Your Camera

An easy and effective way to troubleshoot a Blink camera that keeps going offline is power cycling it. Modern Blink cameras come with only two batteries, making rebooting straightforward.

To power cycle your Blink camera, open the back cover to access the battery compartment, remove the batteries, and let your camera sit for about 5-10 seconds. Reinsert the batteries and wait 30 minutes, then try viewing your camera.

3. Replace the Batteries

If your Blink camera keeps going offline after checking your network and power cycling it, you could be dealing with low batteries. Blink cameras come with two AA batteries that can last up to two years. When the batteries are dead, your camera won’t power on, which can result in the camera offline error message.

To replace dead batteries, remove your camera from its holder and detach any accessories. Next, remove the back cover using the supplied tool, and remove the dead batteries. Replace the batteries with new 1.5V Lithium AA batteries. Energizer Ultimate Lithium or Duracell Ultra Lithium batteries are AA batteries with long life you can consider.

4. Reset Your Sync Module

Resetting Sync Module resolves many tech issues effectively and can help fix a blink camera that keeps going offline. This process restores your system’s original settings. To reset your Sync Module, press and hold the reset button using a thin object like a paperclip until you see a red light, then release the button. This will restore your Module to factory settings. You can then set up your security system by adding the cameras.


Having a working surveillance system can be a lifesaver. If your Blink cameras are experiencing issues that cause them to keep going offline, this post should help you fix the problem. If your cameras continue to go offline after trying these troubleshooting methods, contact Blink customer support for expert help.

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