Understanding Sync Modules and Blink Cameras + A Brief Guide

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The Sync Module and Blink devices are both offered by Amazon’s smart home devices and systems department.

But how far can Blink camera be away from sync module? Well, you can place your camera(s) not further than 100 ft away from your Module.

Definition of the Blink Sync Module

The Blink Sync Module acts as a “coordinator’’ for your Blink system. In other words, it helps manage all the devices within your Blink ecosystem. However, it doesn’t support more than ten devices. The device is plugged into the wall outlet and connected to a Wi-Fi router.

If you have more than this number of devices, all you need to do is to invest in an additional module, keeping in mind that each module can only support up to ten devices. That means if you have 20 Blink cameras installed in your home, you’ll require 2 modules. If you have 30, you’ll need 3 modules, and so on. You can manage multiple Sync Modules using the Blink app.

There are currently two Sync Modules models available;

  • Sync Module 2(the latest).
  • Sync Module(original).

#1 Sync Module 2

Sync Modules blink camera

Sync Module 2 comes with a Type-A USB port. You can plug your USB drive into it provided the drive has a storage capacity of between 1 and 256 GB. You can save your recorded motion clips in a local drive to view them later in the Blink app under “Clip List’’.

Remember that not all Blink cameras are compatible with Sync Module 2. This device only works with the Blink Mini camera, Indoor (gen 2) camera, Outdoor camera, Video doorbell, and Wired floodlight.

Sync Module 2 can also store your camera clips on the cloud. This service requires a paid subscription though.

#2 Sync Module (Original)

The original Sync Module has fewer capabilities compared to its Sync Module 2 counterpart. For example, though it features a USB port, you can not use this feature to store your motion clips locally.

It’s only intended for testing purposes. Your motion clips can only be saved on the cloud. You’ll need a paid subscription plan for this service. The only good thing about Sync Module (original) is that it’s compatible with all Blink cameras.

An Explanation of the Connection between Blink Cameras and the Sync Module

Blink cameras and the Sync Modules have a strong and direct connection that allows the cameras to enjoy a longer battery life. This connection also makes scheduling and arming your cameras simultaneously fairly easy.

A module works by relaying commands from the Blink servers to the cameras with which it’s paired. This enables the cameras to send data (usually images and notifications) to your mobile device. You can modify which notifications you receive through the Blink app.

The overall process requires a stable internet connection. It should be nothing less than a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi internet connection with an upload speed of 2 MB per second.

The Sync Module is plugged into your wall outlet and connected to your always-on Wi-Fi network to handle activity for the devices. This saves camera batteries, and improves convenience for scheduling, and arming a group of devices at once.

Factors That Affect the Maximum Range Of Sync Module

infographics Factors Affect Range Of Sync Module

As said earlier, the Sync Module offers a certain maximum range (100ft) within which it can pair with your devices. However, this range can be affected by a number of factors that include but are not limited to the following;

Placing The Module Behind an Obstacle

Obstacles like a concrete, stone, brick, or steel wall can make the range provided by your Sync Module shorter than 100 ft. That means you should not put your Module behind a wall constructed from any of these materials.

Module Location

Where you put your Sync Module can also affect the device’s overall signal range. Some places you should avoid include on top of your wireless router, behind your TV, or inside your basement or attic.

The Number of Devices Connected To The Module

As said earlier, the Sync Module supports up to ten Blink devices at a time. However, the more devices you connect to it, the shorter its signal range.

That means if you pair it with 10 cameras, you’ll not get the same signal range as if you connect it with only one, two, or so cameras. Sometimes you may want to disconnect or turn off unused devices within your Blink ecosystem.

Maximum Range of Blink Cameras from the Sync Module

The Sync Module can pair with Blink devices located up to 100 ft away regardless of the direction. But this is only if there are no factors that affect the device’s maximum range.

How to Improve the Range of Blink Cameras

The Sync Module will offer its specified maximum range if it’s receiving an optimum signal from the router. Meaning to improve your module’s range, you should first make sure that the module is receiving a strong signal strength from your Wi-Fi router.

Here are a few ways to do so;

  • Place your Sync Module in a strategic location in relation to your Wi-Fi router and its signal strength. You can place the Module near the router for best signal strength, but not on top of the router as that may not be one of the best locations for optimal signal strength. Furthermore, make sure that there’s no obstacle between the two devices. Lastly, avoid placing the Module in unstrategic locations such as in the basement, attic, and so on.
  • Try power cycling your Sync Module by removing it from the power source for 30 seconds and then plugging it back in. It will result in a 50% or more chance of improved range. This process is fairly simple, entailing only two quick steps. The first step is to unplug the power cord from the Sync Module. The second one is to wait for a few seconds(like 10 seconds or so) before plugging it back in.
  • Reset your Sync Module by first locating the module’s reset button. It’s usually located on the side or back of the module(at the bottom), or just above the USB port. Once you do, press the reset button (you can use a paperclip, ballpoint pen, or any reasonable object) until you hear a click. Hold it in until the Module flashes red or for about 5 seconds. A few seconds (usually 15 seconds) later, a blue light will blink followed by a solid green one. This tells you that the device has reset itself and is ready to pair once again with your devices.
  • Use Wi-Fi signal extenders if you have to. This especially applies if your house is big such that you have to place the Module a little bit far away from the Wi-Fi router so that the cameras located in other far away rooms can also pair with it.
  • Finally, disconnect or turn off the devices within your Blink system which you are not using. Sometimes you find that you are not really using all the cameras connected to the device.

Final Thoughts

The Sync Module can be an important addition to your Blink camera ecosystem. This device allows you to pair up to ten smart home cameras from the manufacturer and control them conveniently. Though it offers a signal range of up to 100 ft, you find that this is not always the case for some users. This is because the overall range can be affected by various factors such as obstacles, the location of your Module, and the number of devices connected to it.

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