Blink Camera Not Working on Echo Show

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Amazon made Alexa an exclusive companion app after the successful acquisition of Blink in 2017. This acquisition has revolutionized home security systems, enabling homeowners to ‘smartly’ view their property even when away.

While this seems super unique and the most advanced SmartHome technology, it is not entirely perfect. Sometimes you will notice that even after correctly integrating your Blink camera to your Amazon Echo Show, it doesn’t load as expected. So, why is Blink camera not working on the Echo Show?

Well, there are several reasons why Blink Camera fails to display on the Echo Show. While such situations can be so disgusting, identifying the cause of the problem can give you a starting point for troubleshooting the problem and eventually solving it. This post will highlight the reasons why Blink Cameras fail to load on the Echo Show and much more, including troubleshooting ideas.

Common Reasons Why the Blink Camera may not be loading on the Echo Show

Here are the common issues that cause Blink cameras not to load on Echo Show.

1. Incorrect settings

Both your Blink Camera and Echo Show must be properly integrated and we’ll set to function correctly. If the settings of your Echo Show or Blink Camera are not done correctly, then your home Blink camera might fail to load on Echo Show.

Correctly setting the two devices will make it possible for you to link them anytime, anywhere. However, if they are disconnected right from the device’s manual settings, you will not view the camera on this amazon enabled SmartHome device.

2. Connectivity issues

You will need an internet connection to use the Echo Show device and view the Blink camera feed. Without a stable connection, the two gadgets will likely not link. As such, your Blink camera might fail to load on the Amazon kit if you have a weak wifi signal, which makes it hard for you to leverage the appliance’s smart features.

3. Outdated firmware

If the firmware is outdated, you will likely experience problems with your Echo Show. Several versions of firmware are built explicitly for Echo Show. The older versions may not be compatible with Blink cameras, which may be why it does not display.

In some cases, the Echo Show may load slowly, while sometimes it will fail completely. Updating firmware every time a new version is available will likely address the issue, ensuring your Blink camera loads on Echo Show and you are connected.

Step-by-step instructions for troubleshooting such issues

Each problem can be handled and solved independently once identified.

Steps to resolve the setting issue

If setting is the key problem, follow these steps to resolve

  • Open the Alexa app and select ‘skills and games’ on the lower right side menu
  • Search for the Blink SmartHome and tap on the skill
  • Select enable to use and follow the link that leads you to sign in or link an account.
  • Input the email address for your Blink camera and create a 4-digit pin code. Alexa will then provide enhanced security functions that will lead you to signing in.
  • Multi-Factor authentication will automatically redirect you to confirm a code pin dent to your mobile device.

If it goes successfully, the Alexa app will communicate with Blink server accounts and then send a message, ‘your Blink device has been successfully linked.’

  • Tap ‘close’ then touch on ‘discover device’ to rediscover if the camera’s swerve was successfully found.

After some minutes, a ‘set up’ screen will notify you that the connection was successful, and you can start setting it up.

Steps to solve the connectivity issue

When the issue is found to be internet connectivity, try out the following

  • Unplug both devices and wait for about a minute before you plug them back.
  • If it fails, turn the device off using the power button, and then turn it back on.
  • If you have changed your wifi password, input the new password. 

For those using a dual-band modem, change the frequency from 5GHz to 2.4GHz and see if the Echo will connect.

Update the Blink camera Firmware

Blink firmware usually updates to the latest version without necessarily being commanded to. However, if it fails to update, follow these steps.

  1. Confirm if the Echo device is connected to the internet.
  2. Mute the device by pressing the mute button and releasing it. The button will illuminate in red color to show that mutting is activated.

Alexa will announce that it needs to perform an update. Proceed with the installation of the new update. Once done, the device will restart automatically.

Tips for optimizing Blink camera on the Echo Show

For these two devices to co-function effectively, they have to be connected on a steady network. You can achieve this optimal functionality by applying simple tips to ensure wi-fi connectivity is not interrupted.

Place the camera and the Echo Show in one room: By doing so, there will be minimal distraction of internet waves from the router to both devices. Additionally, connectivity between the camera and the Echo Show will be strong, with minimal distraction.

Remove objects that can hinder connection: if there are too many hindering devices from the router to the Echo Show or camera, connectivity will be distracted. This means the devices won’t function optimally. Removing items that are hindering this optimal performance can be a significant boost to your enjoying the functionality of these SmartHome devices. You can position one higher, like on top of some furniture.

Check on the battery life: The Blink camera’s battery life is significant in ensuring that the camera works well. Check the battery life of your cameras and replace them when needed. Do not overstrain batteries, as this will damage the camera.

Alternative solutions for accessing the Blink Camera

Integrating Blink Camera with Echo Show gives you hands-free, quick access to the camera feed and the ability to work with other smart devices. However, for some reason, your Blink camera won’t load in the Echo Show.

If your Blink Camera is not loading on Echo Show, consider the following alternatives to access your camera.

  • Use the Blink app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Connect your Blink Camera to a compatible smartphone hub


Are you experiencing issues with your Blink Camera integration? Hopefully, after reading this post, you can identify and safely troubleshoot the root issues so your Blink camera loads on the Echo Show. There are alternative ways to access the camera feed if you are unable to promptly address loading issues.

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