How To Fix Blink Cameras That Record – Even When Disarmed!

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Like other home security cameras, Blink cameras may sometimes have issues here and there, begging different questions. For example, a frequently asked question is; why does my blink camera record when disarmed? Generally, Blink cameras shouldn’t record when disarmed.

They should only do so when armed. So, if your camera is recording when disarmed, it could be that Motion Detection is enabled. Remember that Motion Detection automatically becomes active when the camera is armed. This setting won’t change automatically if you switch your system from Armed to Disarmed. Instead, you’ll need to disable it manually by going to the settings.

Another root cause of it could be a software bug. Like other home security camera apps, the Blink app is occasionally hit with software malware that affects the camera system’s different functionalities. The good thing is that Amazon keeps on fixing these bugs and updating the software in an effort to resolve them.

Last but not least, your Blink camera system could be acting this way due to a manufacturing defect. This is especially true if you just set it up for the very first time. When companies manufacture products, usually, not each product comes out of the production chain absolutely perfectly. Blink’s home security cameras are no exception.

The normal product defect rate is 2.5%, at least according to the Investopedia website. Meaning that, if Blink produces 500 home security cameras at any one point in time, 13 units may have some manufacturing defects. And if some of these defective units are not detected by the quality assurance team, it’s easy for one to find its way to your home.

How To Fix Your Blink Cameras That Record Even When Disarmed

Fixing this problem is a piece of cake. You could either disable Motion detection or replace your Blink home security camera app with a more current version. This should help fix the problem if it’s a bug.

How to disable Motion Detection Feature in your Blink camera

To disable the Motion Detection feature if you think this could be what’s causing your camera system to constantly record even if disarmed, all you have to do is;

  • Go to your Blink app’s “Camera Settings” menu. N/B: Be sure to perform this step even if it’s obvious that Motion Detection is inactive.
  • Push the Motion Detection settings button to “Off” to disable the Motion Detection feature.
  • Once you disable the feature, be sure to save the settings by tapping “Save.” N/B: The “Save” button is located in the top right corner of the Camera settings menu.
  • After you save the settings, sign out then sign back into the Blink app.
  • Now, reboot your smartphone to power cycle it.

If this technique doesn’t fix the problem, it could be a bug issue, which again, you can resolve by following the steps below:

Replace Blink home security camera

  • First, sign out then sign back into the Blink app
  • Next, delete the app.
  • Now, download a current version of the app from iOS or Play Store, depending on your phone.
  • Next, reboot your smartphone to power cycle it.
  • Then sign back into your Blink app account.
  • After that, go to the Camera Settings” menu and push the Motion Detection settings button to “Off” to disable the Motion Detection feature.
  • Now, tap the “Save” button.

If again this technique does work, it could be a manufacturing defect, which can only be resolved by replacing the affected camera. In that case, contacting the Blink customer support service by going to this page would be the best course of action. The good news is that Blink normally replaces its products that come with manufacturing defects without subjecting the customer to difficult terms and conditions.

Final Thoughts

Why does my Blink camera record when disarmed? Well, it could be doing so due to an enabled Motion Detection, software bug, or a manufacturing defect in the camera. The good news is that you can resolve each of these root causes without too much effort as explained above. If it’s an enabled Motion Detection, simply disable this feature by going to the app’s Camera Settings and following the onscreen details. If it’s a software bug, just replace your Blink camera app with the latest version as shown above. Finally, if it’s a manufacturing defect, contact Blink customer support to see if they can replace your defective camera with a better one.

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