Blink Floodlight Not Working: How to Fix It

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The Blink floodlight is an excellent accessory for Blink outdoor cameras, featuring high-quality LED lights. It works with the new Blink Outdoor camera and delivers 700 lumens when triggered, making it a reliable smart security floodlight. When motion is detected, the floodlight illuminates everything, aiding the cameras to record HD videos and capture clear, color photos at night.

However, it is not infallible.

Sometimes your Blink floodlight lights will fail to activate even when motion is detected. So, why is your Blink floodlight not working, and how do you fix it?

Your Blink floodlight can malfunction for a variety of reasons. This post will cover Blink floodlight issues and how to fix them.

Why is Blink floodlight not working? How to fix it

Your Blink floodlight can malfunction for a variety of reasons. If your Blink floodlight is installed correctly and has suddenly stopped working, here are possible causes and how to fix them:

1. Outdated Blink app

You need the most current version of the Blink app for your Blink floodlight to work with your outdoor camera. As a result, an outdated Blink app might cause your floodlight not to work correctly or fail completely.

Solution: Update your Blink app. Blink supports smartphones, tablets, and many Alexa-enabled devices, so you can always access the latest Blink app version in your app store, no matter the device you use.

2. Battery pull tabs or improperly installed batteries

Blink floodlights come with four alkaline D-cell batteries assembled with pull tabs. The pull tabs keep the batteries from energizing during shipping and before use but can keep the floodlight from working if not removed during installation.

Solution: Remove the battery pull tabs so that the batteries can make contact to power the Blink floodlight. You will also want to make sure you install the batteries properly. If pull tabs and improper battery installation are the reasons why your floodlight is malfunctioning, the LEDs will flash after you install the batteries correctly.

Always remember to close the compartment and reattach the back cover properly after installing your Blink floodlight’s batteries. When the battery cover is not positioned properly, the batteries can come out of place, eventually causing the floodlight not to work.

3. Faulty connection

Your Blink floodlight mount must be configured appropriately for the floodlight to work correctly. Otherwise, the LEDs will not activate when motion is detected.

Solution: If your Blink floodlight is not working because of a faulty connection, check the micro-USB cable and insert it properly into the outdoor camera.

To connect the micro-USB cable, remove the Blink outdoor camera’s back cover and detach the USB port cover from it. This will help ensure a weather-tight seal between the camera and the mount’s micro-USB. Next, reattach the back cover and firmly plug the floodlight mount’s micro-USB into the camera. Double-check to ensure you have tight seals on all sides.

When everything is configured correctly, you will see a notification, “Floodlight added to your Backyard Camera,” on the Blink app and an option to customize your floodlight settings.

Regarding connection, it is also important to check whether your Blink Outdoor camera is connected to your WiFi and the strength of the signal. If there are WiFi connection issues, moving the floodlight closer to the position of your router or resetting your modem can fix the issues.

4. Compatibility issues

Surprisingly, Blink floodlights don’t work with all Blink outdoor cameras; they only work with the new Blink Outdoor cameras. If you have older Blink outdoor cameras (XT or XT2), your floodlight will not work because these cameras are incompatible with Blink floodlight’s micro-USB connector. Replacing your old outdoor cameras with the newest models should keep your floodlight running.

5. Outdated firmware

Your Blink outdoor camera should have a firmware version of 10.47 or above installed to work properly with the Blink floodlight. You can always check the firmware version of your Blink outdoor camera on the Blink app.

Solution: If your Blink outdoor camera has a firmware version below 10.47, it will update if you let it stay online for at least 24 hours.

6. Obstructed motion lens

Dirt and gunk can accumulate on the lens of your Blink outdoor camera, causing the motion sensor to malfunction or fail completely. Further, depending on the location of your floodlight, overgrown branches or leaves can obstruct the motion sensors.

Solution: Clean the lens and get rid of any obstructions. Clearing up the view will help you engage the smart system.

7. Low motion sensitivity setting

If your Blink floodlight’s LEDs do not activate even when there are movements in the target region, you might have set the motion sensitivity too low.

Solution: Set motion sensitivity to optimal. Even small increments in sensitivity configurations can make a significant difference. Most notably, you should increase motion sensitivity by small margins as you see if it makes any difference. Otherwise, you might have to deal with false alerts.

8. Depleted battery

Your Blink floodlight will run on the included batteries for up to two years, depending on the unit’s settings, use, and environmental factors. If your floodlight has been in use for a considerably long period, its batteries could be depleted.

Solution: Replace the batteries.

To change your floodlight’s batteries, unmount the unit and detach the back cover to access the battery compartment. Next, open the compartment and change the batteries. Remember to close the compartment and reattach the back cover.

What to do if your Blink floodlight doesn’t work

If none of these troubleshooting tips brings your Blink floodlight to life, your last resort is to ask the customer care team for help. Even if your warranty has expired, Blink’s team of experts can guide you accordingly.


Having a faulty Blink floodlight can be troubling. Thankfully, fixing your Blink floodlight doesn’t need to be daunting. With some patience and careful consideration of potential solutions, you will be able to get your floodlight up and running. If your Blink floodlight does not work after trying all potential solutions, don’t hesitate to contact customer support.

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