Blink Camera Failed To Update: What to do

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Is one of your Blink security cameras not responding? While many things can cause your Blink camera to fail, one of the common reasons a camera may stop working is out-of-date firmware that is yet to update. Yes, it is possible for your Blink camera to fail to update even when properly synced.

This post will cover how to fix the issues of Blink camera failing to update and other troubleshooting tips.

How to update Blink camera

As technology advances, it is critical to keep your Blink camera updated to continue enjoying the best and newest features. Interestingly, Blink cameras are designed to update automatically as long as they are synced with the latest version of the Blink app.

If your Blink camera doesn’t update, it is highly likely that you’re using an outdated Blink app or the camera is not properly synced. Updating your Blink app to the latest version should initiate the camera’s firmware update process. In a stable connection, your Blink camera will update to the latest within the next 24 hours.

Updating your Blink app

You need the most current version of the Blink app to integrate and monitor all your Blink devices seamlessly. If you suspect that your app is out of date, you can easily update it by visiting your app store and downloading the latest version.

Whether you have a smartphone, tablet, or Alexa-enabled device, you can check and update your Blink app by following these steps:

  • When you are connected to WiFi or have your cellular data on, open the app store on your smartphone or tablet – Google Play for Android devices and Apple App Store for iOS devices users. Remember that the Blink Home Monitor app is no longer supported in older devices, so you need iOS 14 or higher, Android v6.0 or higher, or Fire OS v7.0 or higher.
  • Search for the Blink app on the search field, then choose the first relevant result that redirects you to the Blink app.
  • If your existing app is out of date, you will see the option for Update. Click on the Update icon to initiate the update process. The latest version of the Blink app will download and install automatically.

Alternatively, you can visit the Blink website and select an app store link or scan the provided QR code to download the latest version of the Blink app. Clicking the app store or scanning the QR will redirect to the application store page of the Blink app. From there, you can download and install the most current version of the Blink app.

If you don’t see the Update option, you’re likely using the most current version. Most smart devices are designed such that the app stores keep tabs on newer updates of all installed applications, and the apps update automatically when you are on WiFi. If the auto-update feature is disabled, you can enable it so you don’t have to update your apps manually. This will also help ensure your camera firmware stays up to date.

Blink camera failed to update when synced with the updated Blink app

If your Blink camera firmware doesn’t update automatically after you have updated your Blink app, you might be dealing with different issues. Here are some troubleshooting measures and tips that may help address the problem:

1. Fix possible connection issues

It is a no-brainer that your Blink camera needs a reliable connection to download firmware and software security updates from the Blink servers. A poor connection can hamper downloading and keep the firmware update from syncing, which can result in other issues.

If your Blink app is up to date and the camera fails to update, confirm whether your router is working and the Blink camera is connected to the WFi. It is also important to check the camera’s signal strength and ensure there are at least three bars. If the camera is getting a weak WiFi signal, moving it closer to the router can initiate and aid the update.

2. Power cycle the Blink Camera

Soft resetting your Blink camera can solve many hardware issues that might be inhibiting it from updating. Precisely, power cycling resets the internal charges of your Blink cameras and fixes minor bugs that might be causing the camera to malfunction or fail to update.

To power cycle your Blink camera, depending on the model you have, disconnect it from the wall plug or remove the batteries and let it sit for about one minute. After one minute elapses, plug your Blink camera into its dedicated socket. If your camera uses batteries, you may want to replace the new batteries with new ones. While still off, let the camera sit idle for another minute. Turn it on.

The update should start automatically once the camera connects to WiFi.

Tip: When it comes to troubleshooting your Blink camera, it is best to power cycle both the camera and the Blink sync module.

Blink Cameras Updates

Blink prioritizes security across all its devices. They promise updates until at least four years for every device unless stated otherwise. To get insights into when your Blink camera might stop receiving updates, here is a list of Blink cameras and the minimum time they will continue receiving updates:

  • Wired Floodlight Camera (2023 Release) — 2026
  • Pan-Tilt Mount (2022 Release) — 2026
  • Video Doorbell (2021 Release) — 2026
  • Blink Outdoor (3rd Gen) (2020 Release) — 2026
  • Blink Indoor (3rd Gen) (2020 Release) — 2026
  • Mini (2022 Release) — 2026
  • Mini (2020 Release) — 2026
  • XT2 (2018 Release) — 2024
  • XT (2017 Release) — No longer guaranteed
  • Indoor (2016 Release) — No longer guaranteed

It may be worth noting that Sync Module (2016 Release) will receive updates until 2024. On the other hand, its newest counterpart, Sync Module 2 (2020 Release), is guaranteed to get updates until 2026.


Blink cameras update automatically when synced to the latest version of the Blink app. If your Blink camera fails to update, you could have an outdated Blink app. Updating your Blink app and ensuring the camera is properly synced can initiate the update. To prevent future issues relating to updates, you can enable the auto-update features in your phone so your apps update whenever a new version is out.

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