Can Alexa Control Apple TV? (Here’s How To Do It)

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Alexa is one of the most popular virtual assistants thanks to its ability to conveniently integrate with multiple third-party services and hardware. As integration between different platforms becomes increasingly important, you might be wondering, can Alexa control Apple TV?

The short answer is YES.

However, unlike many modern TVs, Apple TVs do not have a built-in Alexa feature. You need a third-party hub to connect Alexa to your Apple TV and control it with the Alexa app or voice commands. This post will cover how to set up and use Alexa to control your Apple TV.

Can You Control Apple TV With Alexa?

There is no official way to connect Amazon’s Alexa with Apple TV. However, this doesn’t mean you can link these two leading devices.

With a few steps leveraging third-party hubs, you can connect your Apple TV with Alexa and control it with voice commands. The easiest way to connect your Apple TV with Alexa is by using Bluetooth, but Harmony Hub simplifies the connectivity path, allowing you to use voice commands.

All in all, Alexa won’t control all Apple TV features, particularly complicated commands. When linked, you can use voice commands for standard operations like volume up/down, pause, and play. The connection doesn’t support commands like fast-forwarding, rewinding, and opening apps.

How To Integrate Alexa With Apple TV

Connecting Alexa with Apple TV allows you to take advantage of the convenience Alexa offers. With the proper setup, you can even control your Apple TV with voice commands.

There are several ways you can connect your Alexa with Apple TV and enjoy streaming to the intelligent speakers. Here are the various ways to connect Alexa with Apple TV:

1. Connecting Apple TV via Bluetooth

The easiest way to link your Alexa with Apple TV is by connecting them over Bluetooth. With this setup, your Amazon Echo smart speaker serves as a speaker for your Tv, but you’ll be using your Siri remote to control the TV.

If all you need is to enjoy excellent sound quality, here are steps to connect Apple TV with Alexa through Bluetooth.

1-Set up your Apple TV and make sure it is connected to the same WiFi as your Alexa-enable device.

  • On your Apple TV, go to ‘Settings,’ and navigate to select ‘Remote and Devices,’ and then select ‘Bluetooth.’
  • Put your Amazon Echo speakers on pairing mode by saying, “Alexa, pair.”
  • Select your Echo device from the list of available Bluetooth devices on your TV to initiate a connection.

Once the Apple TV and Alexa-enabled device connect successfully, you can use Alexa for playback control on your TV. Notably, your Apple Tv volume is always 100% with this setup. To adjust the volume, you have to control it on the Alexa device or app manually

2. Connecting Apple TV via Harmony Hub Remote

A connection between Alexa and Apple TV via Harmony Hub allows you to control your TV using voice commands.

Essentially, Harmony Hub is software that transforms smart devices into universal remotes.

Here are steps to connect Apple TV with Amazon Alexa via Harmony Hub:

  • Download and install the Harmony app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Launch the app and navigate to find ‘Harmony Setup.’
  • Select ‘Devices’ and then ‘Add Device.’ The Harmony Hub will search for Wi-Fi-enabled devices nearby and prompt you to add them. Because the Harmony Hub uses infrared signals to execute commands, you need to place it in front of your Apple TV for it to see your TV. If your Apple TV does not appear, click on the search icon.
  • Select your Apple TV and click ‘Connect’ to pair your TV with the Harmony app. You will be prompted to enter your Apple TV account information. Once your Apple TV pairs with the Hub, proceed to create a task list for Alexa.
  • On the Harmony Hub, create activity lists by setting the voice commands you will use to control your Apple TV. Once done, you can start operating your Tv with voice commands.

While connecting your Apple TV to Alexa through Harmony Hub offers a hands-free entertainment experience, you will still have to use your Apple TV app to pick the shows to watch.

Wrap Up

Linking your Apple TV with Alexa opens up possibilities for hands-free entertainment control. While Alexa is incompatible with Apple TV, third-party Hubs, like Harmony Hub Remote, offer a safe way to integrate Apple TV with Amazon Echo smart speakers. If you’re looking for a way to control your Apple TV with voice commands, hopefully, you will find this post useful.

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