How Protect Your Blink Cameras from Theft

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Home security cameras are invaluable for monitoring your property and protecting your family’s safety. But when those cameras become targets for thieves, it undermines their usefulness while also costing you money and creating vulnerabilities.

Blink’s wireless home security cameras provide flexible indoor/outdoor placement thanks to their portable design.

However, that same portability makes them enticing and vulnerable targets for theft. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore multiple strategies for deterring Blink camera theft, detecting theft attempts through alerts, and reacting swiftly if a camera is stolen to enhance security.

By understanding layered tactics to harden your system, you can benefit from Blink’s versatility while safeguarding your investment against the disruption of theft. You can install your Blink cameras in optimal positions while keeping them protected with proper precautions.

The Threat of Blink Camera Theft

Blink cameras are vulnerable targets for theft. Their compact size, wireless design, and magnetic mounts allow quick, discreet removal.

Specific risks include:

  • Magnetic mounts detach easily, allowing fast camera removal by prying.
  • Lack of permanent cabling means no wires to cut that could deter or attract attention.
  • The small form factor is easy to conceal after removal and steal unnoticed.
  • Removable batteries are an added theft incentive to power other gadgets.
  • Minimal tamper-resistant screws simplify opening housing to steal internals.

These weaknesses allow fast, low-profile Blink camera theft.

Deter Theft By Strategic Positioning Your Blink Camera

Your first line of defense is strategic positioning to make theft more difficult:

  • Place cameras high overlooking your property using theft-deterrent mounting screws.
  • Position cameras where removal requires a ladder to add inconvenience.
  • Ensure cameras have an unobstructed view for maximum monitoring coverage.
  • Point cameras at access points like driveways to capture suspicious activity.
  • Place indoor cameras in corners with wide viewing angles versus flat on walls.
  • Add conspicuous warning signage that the property has surveillance.

Proper placement using height, angles of view, and signs can deter opportunistic theft.

Use Tamper-Resistant Mounts

Blink’s magnetic mounts make removal too easy. Invest in tamper-resistant mounts:

  • Choose mounts requiring special proprietary tools/bits for removal.
  • Use screws requiring unique pins or bits thieves won’t have.
  • For adhesive mounting, choose heavy-duty outdoor-rated construction adhesive.
  • Consider physically caging cameras in wire or solid enclosures.
  • Use tether cables to secure cameras to a fixture if detachment occurs.

Robust, fixed mounting deters grab-and-go style Blink camera theft.

Install Backup Cameras

Additional cameras provide redundancy if any single Blink is stolen:

  • Place multiple cameras to give overlapping or alternate viewpoints.
  • Install a few less-visible hidden cameras that criminals won’t spot.
  • Ensure all cameras have sufficient night vision range for 24/7 monitoring.
  • Back up footage automatically to the cloud or offsite storage.

With proper coverage, losing one camera won’t leave you blind.

Theft Detection Through Alerts

Enabling alerts allows for swiftly reacting to theft attempts:

  • Turn on motion alerts to be notified of any unexpected activity.
  • Use the “Camera Offline” alert for power loss or video disruption notifications.
  • Consider an audible alarm siren to deter crimes in progress.
  • Get notifications if the camera position or settings are changed.
  • Receive mobile alerts anytime to react, even when away from home.

Motion-triggered alerts provide real-time oversight against theft.

Prepare Documentation

Documentation helps if filing theft claims and identifying stolen units:

  • Record your Blink camera make, model, and unique serial numbers.
  • Register cameras online through Blink to have records on file.
  • Take photos of cameras for visual identification after a theft.
  • Save original sales receipts and warranty details.

Thorough documentation proves ownership if units are stolen.

Report Thefts and Enhance Security

If preventative measures fail, respond swiftly to Blink camera theft:

  • File a police report with serial numbers and video evidence, if available.
  • Inform Blink Support that a camera was stolen so they can deactivate it remotely.
  • Review archived footage to identify potential suspects.
  • Change your Blink account passwords if concerned about unauthorized access.
  • Add more cameras in new locations or positions to eliminate blind spots.
  • Install brighter security lighting and wireless alarm systems for better overall property protection.

Promptly reporting thefts and upgrading security helps capture criminals and prevent repeat crimes.


Blink’s wireless security cameras are revolutionary for simplified placement but also invite theft risk. However, with thoughtful precautions, you can reduce vulnerabilities. Strategic positioning, tamper-resistant mounting, redundancy, alerts, and documentation create layered deterrence and detection against potential thieves. Swiftly reacting by informing authorities, securing accounts, and upgrading security minimizes disruption from successful theft while helping catch criminals. Security is not impenetrable, but diligent, proactive measures allow you to maximize Blink’s benefits while protecting your investment. Staying one step ahead of thieves allows peace of mind your property is monitored while avoiding the headaches of stolen equipment and lost footage. Keep your cameras where you need them while keeping them secure with a vigilant, defensive strategy.

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