Blink Camera Is Not Working After Replacing The Batteries (How To Fix It)

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So recently I got my Blink camera not working after replacing batteries. Thinking that I could have destroyed it totally, I was frantic with worry as this was one of my most treasured possessions.

After a long and harrowing deliberation, I decided to find out, online, how to troubleshoot and fix this issue if possible. And to my pleasure, my decision paid off as I was eventually able to fix the issue after reading and watching a couple of online guides and videos, respectively.

I discovered a few possible reasons why a Blink camera might not work following a battery replacement process, which I thought I would share:

Why Your Blink Camera Isn’t Working After Replacing The Batteries

1. You Might Be Using The Wrong Batteries

As you may already know, there are different kinds of batteries available for sale. These are based on various aspects such as size, rechargeability(rechargeable and non-rechargeable), as well as chemical composition(alkaline, nickel metal hydride, & lithium-ion).

Without taking note of the appropriate battery type, it’s easy to make the mistake of buying the wrong batteries for your Blink camera. Unfortunately, using those batteries can result in your Blink camera not working after replacing your old batteries.

2. You Might Have Inserted the Batteries Incorrectly

The camera will not work if you inserted the batteries into it incorrectly. To avoid this, be sure to read your user’s manual, showing the correct way of replacing the batteries.

If you don’t have access to it or, maybe, if you lost it, the good news is that there are plenty of videos on youtube that walk you through this process in a simplified manner. Just pick one and learn the steps.

3. There Could Be An Issue With The Sync Module

Let’s face it, everything has its advantages and disadvantages, so are the Blink cameras. Speaking of which, one of the primary downsides to this brand is that most of its camera models, including the outdoor ones, lack inbuilt internet connectivity.

To solve this, the company offers a separate device known as the Sync Module. It functions as an intermediary between your camera and the internet router, connecting it to the internet.

On its own, your camera is merely a camera—nothing more. Meaning without the module, it’s safe to say that it’s impossible to connect it to the router. That also means that you wouldn’t be able to use the Blink app, rendering your camera almost useless.

Having said that, there could be an issue between your camera and the sync module, if you are using one. One of the common issues is that you could have moved the camera further from it than the maximum recommended range. To be precise, your camera should not be more than 100 ft away from the Sync Module. Otherwise, it might not work.

4. Your Firmware Could Be Outdated

Just like other smart devices, your Blink camera relies on its manufacturer’s firmware or software to function. If the firmware or software is outdated or corrupted, the camera might not work after replacing the batteries.

The good news is that you can quickly resolve this by performing a quick reset. Speaking of which, there are two ways to do this each of which I’ll describe in detail towards the end of this article;

  • Performing what’s known as “power cycling.”
  • Doing what’s called “factory resetting”, using certain buttons on the Sync Module as opposed to the camera.

How To Fix Blink Camera Not Working After Replacing Batteries

1. Make Sure That You Use the Appropriate Batteries

According to Blink support, each Blink camera model requires a specific type of battery. Usually, these cameras are only compatible with size AA 1.5 volt Lithium non-rechargeable batteries.

Though some expert sources point out that they can also work on alkaline batteries as well as rechargeable Li-ion batteries, the website is quick to warn that these batteries can eventually damage your camera as they aren’t compatible with it.

Also related to this point is using substandard or expired batteries. Speaking of which, many physical and online stores are notorious for selling these sorts of batteries.

Reputable store to buy Appropriate Batteries for Blink camera

To avoid ending up with some, only buy your camera’s batteries from reputable stores like the official Blink store–, one of the best online sources for the correct batteries.

The website also recommends the following online stores; amazon, lowe’s, kohl’s, thehomedepot, and bestbuy for US customers. Notably, Blink camera products and accessories are also available in a few other countries namely; Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain.

For Canada-based buyers, it recommends and again, bestbuy. When it comes to buyers located in the UK, approves, argos, curryspcworld,screfix, very, littlewoods, qvc, and ao.

As for Blink users who are found in Germany, the website recommends,, mediamarkt, and jetztkaufen.

Meanwhile, for France-based customers, it prefers, ajouteraupanier, and boulanger.

When it comes to users in Italy, it recommends, acquistaora, and, once again, mediaworld.

Lastly, for Blink customers who are in Spain, it points you towards and compraahora as some of the best online stores to obtain the appropriate Blink camera batteries.

2. Make Sure That You Insert The Batteries Correctly

After removing the old batteries, insert the new batteries appropriately by ensuring that the terminals (positive and negative ones) and the respective ends align properly. T

hen close the battery compartment and put the camera back in place.

3. Make Sure There’s No Issue Between The Camera and The Sync Module

Ensure your sync module is working properly. Make sure, also, that the camera is within the recommended range from the module; 100 ft. If it’s not, be sure to move it closer to it as recommended.

4. Make Sure Your Firmware Or Software Is Not Outdated

According to Blink support, you could try power cycling your camera by removing the batteries for 10 seconds and re-inserting them correctly.

Then you could try checking to see if it’s working. If not, you could try factory resetting the camera by; first, pressing and holding the reset button on the Sync Module until the LED light blinks red. This should be followed by releasing the button and waiting for the LED to blink green, and finally blue.

Final Thoughts

If your Blink camera is not working after replacing the batteries, it’s obvious that something is not right. The good thing is you can fix it easily if you know the root course of the problem. Usually, the main culprits are; incorrect or substandard batteries, issues between your camera and the Sync Module, and outdated firmware or software for your camera. You can resolve each problem by following the respective guidelines above.

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