Can You Control Your AC with a Smart Plug? Let’s Find Out!

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Smart plugs offer a wide range of applications. Besides your smart lights, they can also support a variety of appliances that are part and parcel of your smart home ecosystem. These include your electric oven, toaster, coffee maker, fans, etc. How about my air conditioner?

Well, if you are wondering if there’s a smart plug that works with an air conditioner, wonder no more because there are plenty of them from several brands that you know. These include Amazon, Eufy, Leviton, Meross, WeMo, Govee, BN-LINK, and TP-Link. SDI Technologies INC and Top Greener Inc are also on the list.

Having a smart plug that works with your AC means lots of benefits. For example, you get to enjoy the ability to control your appliance remotely hence total convenience. What’s more, you get to save energy more, cutting down on your monthly energy bills to a significant extent. As if that were not enough, it also allows you to integrate it with your other smart home appliances. That way, you get to derive more functionalities from your overall smart home ecosystem.

Common Features To Look For In a Smart Plug That Works With An Air Conditioner

Smart Plug That Works With An Air Conditioner

As said earlier, many brands offer smart plugs that support air conditioners. However, smart sockets have varying features as well as technical specifications, and no two sockets are the same.

That means not every socket would be ideal for you, and this is why knowing what to look for in the right smart plug for your AC is key.

To help you get started, we compiled a few common features to pay attention to in this process;

1. Compatibility with Different AC Brands & Models

The #1 feature you need to look for is compatibility. Some smart plugs are only compatible with specific AC models and brands and you might find that your AC model and brand are not included in their list.

Other smart plugs generally work with nearly all AC brands and models including yours, unless otherwise. These are the choices you should be focusing on.

2. Multiple Outlets

While most smart plugs come with a single outlet, some plugs feature multiple outlets (usually two outlets). Although they tend to be larger and less compact or portable compared to their single-outlet counterparts, they allow you to plug one extra device besides your AC into your smart plug.

3. Scheduling Capability

Again, there are smart plugs with scheduling capability and those without this feature. While the latter might be cheaper, you should narrow your list down to the former. Why? Because, with it, you’ll be able to schedule your AC running times and cycles. This will make sure that it only runs when necessary, saving on your energy consumption and monthly bills.

4. Voice Control from Various Services

Another amazing feature to pay attention to is Voice Control, which allows you to control your smart plug and the devices you’ve paired it with, using your voice.

Not all smart plugs offer this feature. However, for extra convenience, you want to choose a plug with it as this can go a long way especially when your hands sometimes are so busy that you can’t go to the app to control your AC.

5. Customization Options

Last but not least, go with a smart plug that offers plenty of customization options. This will allow you to personalize your smart-plug-AC setup according to your needs as well as preferences.

How To Set Up and Use a Smart Plug With Your Air Conditioner

N/B: For this process to be successful, your AC should be Wi-Fi enabled.

  • Connect your smart plug to the wall socket.
  • Switch the wall socket on.
  • Press the power button on your smart plug to turn it on.
  • Download your smart plug’s native app onto your phone or any other device that you are using.
  • Create a new account with the app and log in. Meanwhile, the app will detect the smart plug such that you can tap the plug to add it to the app.
  • Once you add the smart plug to the native app successfully, go to the internet settings menu on the app to add it (the app) to your smart home wi-fi network. Once you add the smart plug to the Wi-Fi network successfully, it will detect your Wi-Fi-enabled AC plus other devices connected to the network.
  • Tap to add your AC to the smart plug app such that it can work with the smart plug through the app and that’s it. You can manage and control your smart plug and AC through the app. And if it features voice command, you can use this feature to control the two devices conveniently with spoken commands especially if your hands are busy.

Drawbacks Of Using a Smart Plug With An Air Conditioner

negative aspects of Using a Smart Plug With An Air Conditioner
  • First, you’ll need a Wi-Fi-enabled AC to be able to use a smart plug with it.
  • Second, compatibility issues mean it may be challenging to find a smart plug that works with your AC.
  • Third, smart plugs may only allow limited functionality with your AC. This means that some functionalities of your appliance may not work if connected to the plug.
  • Lastly, connecting your AC to your smart plug can lead to security problems, putting your home security at risk. Many Wi-Fi-enabled air conditioners are not hard to hack into. Plus, the more devices you add to your smart home ecosystem (including a smart plug and an AC), the greater the security concerns generally.

Final Thoughts

Smart plugs are the most convenient way to connect your smart lights, appliances, and devices to the wall outlet. They are small, compact, and very easy to set up and it’s not surprising that you can nowadays pair some of them with almost any home appliance including the air conditioner. However, these smart sockets are different and no two models are the same or can be ideal for your AC. Thus knowing the tips to choose the right smart plug is key.

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