How to Change WiFi on a Blink Sync Module

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The Blink Sync Module connects your Blink camera system to your home WiFi network. If you get a new router or change WiFi networks, you must update the Sync Module WiFi settings accordingly.

Switching the WiFi is quick and straightforward right in the Blink mobile app.

Here is how to change WiFi networks for both the Sync Module and Sync Module 2 on iOS and Android devices.

Overview of the Blink Sync Module

First, a brief rundown of the Sync Module and WiFi:

  • Provides WiFi connectivity for Blink cameras
  • Allows access to cameras remotely over the internet
  • Connects to a home WiFi network or Ethernet
  • Two versions: Sync Module and Sync Module 2
  • Requires network name and password for setup

The Sync Module acts as the bridge between your cameras and home network. When your WiFi changes, the Sync Module settings must be updated in the Blink app to maintain connectivity.

When to Change the Sync Module WiFi

Common reasons you may need to switch the WiFi network on your Sync Module include:

  • Getting a new WiFi router with a new network name
  • Changing internet service provider and WiFi information
  • Separating your IoT devices to a different WiFi network or band
  • Router malfunction requires resetting up WiFi network
  • Moving the Blink system to a different physical location and WiFi network

Essentially any time the name or password of your home WiFi network changes, your Sync Module will also need its wireless settings updated.

Accessing Sync Module WiFi Settings in Blink App

To change WiFi networks, go to the Sync Module settings:

  1. Open the Blink app and select the “Settings” tab.
  2. Choose “Sync Modules” from the menu.
  3. Tap on the Sync Module name whose WiFi you want to update.
  4. Select “WiFi Settings” on the next screen.
  5. Tap “Change WiFi Network.”

You will then be guided through selecting and connecting to the new WiFi using the app.

Sync Module WiFi Change Process

Follow these steps in the Blink app to change the WiFi:

  1. Enter your new WiFi network name (SSID) when prompted.
  2. Input the password for the new WiFi network.
  3. The app will attempt to automatically reconfigure and connect the Sync Module to the new wireless network.
  4. Once connected, the Sync Module LED will turn solid green or blue again.
  5. The app will indicate success. Your cameras will reconnect shortly after the WiFi change.
  6. You may need to power cycle the Sync Module if the cameras don’t reconnect.

Once you enter the correct new network credentials, the WiFi change process is generally quick and seamless.

Tips for Changing Sync Module WiFi

Keep these tips in mind when switching the WiFi network on your Sync Module:

  • Double-check that you enter the new SSID and password correctly. Typos will cause issues.
  • Power cycle the Sync Module after the WiFi change if the cameras don’t reconnect promptly.
  • Move the Sync Module closer to the new WiFi router temporarily.
  • Update your Blink app and Sync Module firmware to the latest versions first.
  • If problems persist, factory reset the Sync Module and set the WiFi up fresh.
  • Have both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi band options available.

Following this process in the Blink app, Stepwise enables changing the Sync Module WiFi. But those tips can help troubleshoot if needed.

Re-Adding Cameras After WiFi Change

Once your Sync Module is connected to the new WiFi, you will likely need to re-add and sync your cameras:

  1. Power cycle each Blink camera after the Sync Module WiFi change.
  2. Open the Blink app and tap “Add New Device.”
  3. Select the option to add a camera and choose your camera model.
  4. Follow the app prompts to find, add, and sync each camera to the Sync Module on the new WiFi.
  5. Repeat for all cameras in your system to restore connectivity.

This will get your cameras communicating over the new WiFi through the Sync Module again.


Changing the WiFi settings on your Sync Module is inevitable when home networks change. Thankfully, the Blink app provides a streamlined way to update wireless credentials. Refamiliarize yourself with the step-by-step process before making a WiFi change to ensure it goes smoothly. With a few brief taps in the app, you can get your Sync Module and cameras operating on the new network.

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