Can I Connect Two Phones to Ring Doorbell?

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The Ring doorbell is a popular smart doorbell that lets you see and speak with visitors at your door using your smartphone. One of the most common questions people ask about the Ring doorbell is whether you can connect two phones to the same Ring device. The short answer is yes, you can connect multiple phones to the same Ring doorbell.

In this article, we’ll discuss how connecting two phones to your Ring doorbell works and the benefits of doing so.

How the Ring Doorbell Works

The Ring doorbell has a camera, microphone, speaker, and WiFi/internet connection built into it. When someone presses the button on your Ring doorbell, it sends a notification to your connected smartphone(s) and begins recording video. You can then open the Ring app to see, hear, and speak with the visitor.

The Ring doorbell connects to your WiFi network and to the internet to enable communications between the doorbell itself and your mobile device(s). All connectivity and communication happens through Ring’s cloud service. So your phones don’t directly connect to the doorbell; they connect to Ring’s servers on the internet.

This cloud-based system allows you to connect multiple smartphones to the same Ring doorbell.

How To Connect a Second Phone to Ring Doorbell

To connect a second phone to your Ring doorbell, download the Ring app on the additional device and log into your Ring account. Ring allows you to be logged into the same account on different mobile devices.

Once logged in on the second phone, you’ll be able to get notifications, see live video, and communicate just as you can on the first phone. You don’t have to go through any special setup or pairing process.

The only requirement is that both phones must run the Ring app’s latest version. So be sure to download any available updates before trying to connect the second phone.

What are The Benefits of Connecting Two Phones to Ring Doorbell?

There are a few benefits to having your Ring doorbell connected to two smartphones:

Shared access

With two phones connected, multiple people in a home can get Ring notifications and check the live video feed. This makes it easy for family members, roommates, etc., to all have access to the doorbell without having to share login credentials or hand off a single phone.


If one phone’s battery dies, loses WiFi connection, or otherwise becomes unavailable, the Ring doorbell functionality won’t be interrupted as long as the other connected phone remains online. Having two connected phones provides redundancy.

Flexible alert options

The Ring app allows you to set different notification sounds/alert options on each connected device. For example, you could set one phone to make a subtle chime and the other to blast an air horn sound when the doorbell button is pressed. This allows both phones to get notifications tailored to their different uses/environments.

Activity tracking

The activity feed that shows historical events detected by the Ring doorbell is synced across connected devices. So, having the app on two phones allows you to conveniently check the activity feed from either one.

How Many Devices Can I Connect to Ring Doorbell?

Ring does not appear to enforce a hard limit on the number of mobile devices connected to a single doorbell. However, Ring does state that connecting many devices is not recommended.

Realistically, connecting more than 5-10 phones would likely result in a degraded experience anyway. Ring’s servers can only push notifications to so many endpoints simultaneously before lag and delays occur.

So, while you can connect multiple phones to your Ring doorbell, it’s best to keep the number reasonable to avoid performance issues.

What Are The Other Devices That Can Be Connected With Ring Doorbell?

In addition to multiple smartphones, there are a few other device types that can connect to your Ring doorbell:

  • Ring Chime – Ring’s wireless doorbell chime sounds whenever the button is pressed so that you can hear notifications throughout your home.
  • Ring Stick Up Cam – Ring’s standalone security cameras can be linked to your doorbell system. This allows them to start recording when the doorbell detects motion.
  • Amazon Echo Devices – Echo speakers and displays can show a live video feed from your Ring doorbell with supported models.
  • Ring Alarm – Integrates the doorbell with Ring’s security system so that events can trigger the alarm.

So in most cases, your Ring account and app are the hub connecting various devices like phones, chimes, cameras, etc. All are configured in the same app.

What are The Common Troubleshooting When Adding a Phone to a Ring Doorbell?

When trying to add a second phone, there are a few common issues that may come up:

  • Ensure the latest app version is installed – An outdated version may not support multiple device connectivity. Update to the newest version.
  • Check WiFi connectivity – Both phones need steady WiFi access to connect with Ring’s cloud service. Move closer to your router and reconnect if there are issues.
  • Re-log into Ring account – Sometimes simply logging out and back in can resolve any account linking problems.
  • Restart devices – As with many tech products, restarting phones can clear up temporary glitches connecting to Ring.
  • Check Ring subscription status – Features like cloud video storage require an active Ring subscription. Make sure your account is in good standing.

If connection issues persist, contacting Ring customer support is recommended for additional troubleshooting.


The bottom line is that connecting two phones to the same Ring doorbell is possible and can be done using the Ring app in just a few minutes. Connecting two phones or others devices to Ring Doorbell provides benefits like shared access, redundancy, flexible notifications, and activity syncing across devices.

While you can connect many phones to Ring, keeping the number under five is ideal for performance. Troubleshoot any connection issues by updating the app, checking WiFi, logging in/out of Ring, restarting devices, and confirming your subscription status. Two phones can work seamlessly with your Ring smart doorbell with just a little setup.

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