How To Change WiFi on a Wyze Camera

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Connecting your Wyze home security cameras to your home WiFi network is essential for remote access and full functionality. If you get a new router or change your WiFi network, update your Wyze cameras with the new wireless network information.

Switching the WiFi network on your Wyze cameras is done straightforwardly directly through the Wyze app. In this guide, I’ll cover the complete step-by-step process of changing WiFi networks for Wyze Cam v3 and Wyze Cam Outdoor models using the mobile app on iOS or Android.

Following these directions, you can seamlessly move your Wyze cameras over to a new WiFi SSID and password, keeping your ecosystem connected.

When You Should Change Your Wyze Cam’s WiFi ?

There are a few common scenarios that will require you to switch the WiFi network your Wyze cameras connect to:

  • Getting a new WiFi router and SSID from your internet provider
  • Changing the name or password of your WiFi network
  • Switching internet providers resulting in new WiFi settings
  • Separating IoT devices like cameras to a different WiFi network
  • Moving your Wyze cameras to a new physical location with a different WiFi network

In any situation where your home’s WiFi network name, password, or settings get changed, your Wyze cameras will also need the new wireless configuration.

Accessing WiFi Settings in the Wyze App

Changing your Wyze camera WiFi settings is done through the mobile app.

Here’s how to access the WiFi menu:

  1. Open the Wyze app and go to the Cameras tab.
  2. Tap on the camera you want to change WiFi settings for.
  3. Tap the three dots icon in the upper right to open camera options.
  4. Choose “WiFi Settings” from the list.
  5. Tap “Change WiFi network.”

You’ll then be walked through connecting to the new network.

How to Change Wyze Cam WiFi Networks

Follow these steps to change your Wyze camera’s WiFi network:

  1. Enter the new SSID (network name) on the WiFi settings screen in the app.
  2. Input the WiFi password for the new network.
  3. Tap Connect. The camera will reboot and attempt to connect.
  4. The camera feed should reconnect once connected to the new WiFi in under a minute.
  5. Toggle airplane mode on your phone to force the app to reconnect if the feed doesn’t return.

The process is quick and painless as long as you enter the correct WiFi SSID and password. Repeat for any additional Wyze cameras.

Tips for Changing Wyze Camera WiFi Smoothly

Follow these tips and best practices when switching your Wyze cams’ WiFi network for optimal results:

  • Double-check that the new SSID and WiFi password are entered correctly in the Wyze app. Typos will cause issues.
  • Temporarily move the Wyze camera closer to the new WiFi router during initial setup on the new network.
  • Power cycle the camera after connecting to the new WiFi by unplugging and replugging it.
  • Update your Wyze app and camera firmware to the latest versions.
  • If problems persist, perform a factory reset on the camera and reconnect from scratch.
  • Ensure your new WiFi router is dual-band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) for maximum compatibility.
  • Pick the 2.4GHz band initially if asked since it provides a better range.

By carefully following the process and keeping these tips in mind, you can change your Wyze cameras’ WiFi smoothly without interruptions in connectivity.

Connecting Other Devices to New WiFi

In addition to cameras, remember you’ll also need to connect any other Wyze devices to the new WiFi after changing your home network:

  • Wyze Plug – Update WiFi in Plug settings
  • Wyze Bulb – Follow the bulb setup process in the app
  • Wyze Band – Go to band settings and select new WiFi
  • Wyze Lock – Disconnect then reconnect the lock to the app
  • Wyze Cam v2 – Follow camera WiFi change steps

Refer to support articles on the Wyze site for device-specific details. All Wyze gadgets will require WiFi updates after a network change.

Troubleshooting Wyze Cam WiFi Issues

If you run into trouble getting your Wyze cam connected to the new WiFi, try these troubleshooting steps:

  • Reset your home router and Wyze cameras to reboot everything.
  • Move the camera closer to the router temporarily during setup.
  • Try both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi bands.
  • Delete camera from the app and re-add from scratch.
  • Factory reset the camera and reconnect to the new WiFi.
  • Contact Wyze support if issues persist.

With a bit of patience and trial and error, you can resolve most connectivity issues. Keep in mind that WiFi issues may cause a Wyze Cam Error Code 90


Changing WiFi networks is inevitable these days, with people upgrading routers frequently. Thankfully, Wyze makes it straightforward to move your cameras and devices to a new network with just a few taps in the mobile app. Following this guide and the advice here ensures your Wyze gadgets maintain connectivity after any home network changes.

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