Wyze Cam Error Code 90: Causes and Solutions

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The Wyze Cam is one of the most popular budget-friendly security cameras on the market. It packs impressive features at an affordable price point. However, as with any technology, users can encounter technical issues like error codes. One common error code that Wyze Cam owners may see is error 90. This points to a connectivity problem preventing the camera from accessing the internet and your Wi-Fi network.

In this detailed guide, we will dive into the meaning of error code 90, what causes it to appear, and the various solutions you can try to eliminate this error on your Wyze Cam.

What Does Wyze Cam Error Code 90 Mean?

When your Wyze Cam displays error code 90, it means the camera cannot communicate with your wireless router and connect to the Wi-Fi network. As a result, you cannot get the live video stream from the camera on your smartphone when away from home. The camera can also not upload any recorded video clips to the cloud for storage.

Essentially, error code 90 indicates a network connectivity failure that is restricting the Wyze Cam’s ability to function properly. Access to the internet and Wi-Fi network is necessary for the camera to leverage most of its capabilities.

Common Causes of Error Code 90

There are several potential reasons why your Wyze Cam may be displaying the error 90 warning. Understanding what is causing the connectivity problem is the first step towards resolving it. Here are some of the common causes:

  • Weak wireless signal strength in the camera’s placement spot. If the router’s Wi-Fi signal is too weak where you have positioned the Wyze Cam, it will need help maintaining a steady connection.
  • Entering the wrong wireless network credentials. If the Wi-Fi network SSID or password were entered incorrectly during setup, it could lead to failed connections.
  • Outdated camera firmware version leading to software bugs. A lack of updates can cause glitches with connectivity.
  • There is too much interference from other wireless devices around the camera. Neighboring gadgets like Bluetooth speakers, microwaves, etc., could disrupt Wi-Fi signals.
  • Temporary internet or network outage. Some connectivity problems are temporary, like a router reboot or an issue with your ISP.
  • Incompatible security and encryption settings. Check if your router security settings (like WEP vs. WPA2) are compatible with the Wyze Cam.

Step-by-Step Solutions to Fix Error Code 90

If you are encountering error code 90 on your Wyze Cam, here are some systematic troubleshooting steps to resolve the problem:

1. Relocate the Camera Closer to Your Wireless Router

Improving the proximity between the devices and eliminating obstacles can help boost signal strength. Place the camera in the same room as your router. Keep it out in the open, away from metal surfaces or thick walls.

2. Double Check Your Wi-Fi SSID and Password

Use the Wyze app to confirm that the correct SSID and password have been entered for your wireless network. You can also try connecting another device to the network to verify the credentials.

3. Update Your Wyze Cam Firmware

Outdated firmware can be responsible for Wi-Fi glitches. Go to Settings > Firmware Upgrade in the Wyze app to check for pending updates. Install the latest firmware.

4. Restart Your Camera, Router and Mobile Device

Rebooting all the hardware involved can help clear temporary bugs causing connectivity failure and error 90. Unplug them and leave them offline for one full minute before restarting.

5. Forget Your Wi-Fi Network and Re-setup the Camera

Use the “Remove Device” option in the Wyze app to factory reset the camera and wipe its wireless network settings. Then, add it back and re-enter your Wi-Fi details from scratch during setup.

6. Switch Your Wireless Router to a Different Channel

Nearby networks on the same channel as your router can cause interference. Try changing the channel on your router admin interface to help the Wyze Cam connect better.

7. Disable Security on Your Router Temporarily

As a test, turn off security settings like WEP, WPA, etc., on your wireless network for a short period. Re-set up the Wyze Cam when security is disabled. If error 90 goes away, re-enable security slowly.

When to Contact Wyze Support

If you still see wyze cam error code 90 even after thoroughly trying all the tips above, it’s time to seek assistance from Wyze Support directly. There could be an underlying issue that requires more advanced troubleshooting or even a replacement of the camera unit itself. Wyze can help identify if your particular case needs a hardware swap or other measures.

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Wyze cam error code 90 indicates the camera is unable to connect to the Wi-Fi network and leverage its full functionality. You can resolve this wireless connectivity failure by relocating the camera, updating firmware, rebooting devices, resetting network settings, and trying other solutions. Persistent error 90 issues may require Wyze Support to perform further diagnostics. Eliminating error 90 will restore your Wyze Cam’s ability to deliver smooth live streaming and video recording capabilities.

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