Kasa Smart Bulb Troubleshooting Guide: 6 Steps to Take When It Won’t Reset

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Kasa’s smart bulbs conveniently control your lights remotely through an app or voice assistant. However, these bulbs can sometimes have difficulty connecting to your wifi or resetting properly. If your Kasa light bulb doesn’t reset when needed, several troubleshooting solutions exist to get it working again.

1. Performing a Manual Reset

The first step in troubleshooting a Kasa light bulb that won’t reset is to perform a manual reset directly on the bulb. Here is how to do it:

  1. Locate the light switch that controls the power to the Kasa light bulb, which won’t reset.
  2. Flip this light switch off and back on rapidly 5 times in a row. This quickly cycles the power to the bulb off and on.
  3. On the 5th power cycle, leave the light switch in the ON position after flipping it.
  4. The kasa bulb should now slowly flash to indicate that the reset to factory default settings is complete.

Resetting the bulb clears any connectivity issues or glitches and restores it to its original settings. You will then need to reconnect the Kasa light bulb to your home’s Wi-Fi network using the Kasa mobile app, just as you did when first setting up the bulb. Resetting often resolves common problems with unresponsive bulbs.

2. Checking Your Wifi Signal Strength

If manually resetting your Kasa light bulb won’t reset, it does not solve connectivity problems; poor wifi signal strength could be preventing the bulb from maintaining a stable connection.

Kasa smart bulbs rely on having a strong 2.4GHz Wi-Fi signal to communicate properly. If the signal is too weak or inconsistent where the bulb is located, it may have trouble resetting or staying connected.

Here are some tips to optimize your Wi-Fi network for smart bulbs when you find your Kasa light bulb won’t reset:

  • Make sure your wireless router has its 2.4GHz band enabled. Kasa bulbs require 2.4GHz to connect properly.
  • If the wifi router is too far from the bulb, try moving it closer or installing a wifi range extender in that area to boost the signal strength.
  • Reduce wireless congestion that can interfere with signals by temporarily disconnecting other Wi-Fi devices like laptops, tablets, and phones while setting up the bulb.
  • If your Wi-Fi network has both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, disable the 5GHz temporarily and just use the 2.4GHz band during setup of the Kasa bulb.

Addressing any weak spots or interference in your Wi-Fi network can help the Kasa light bulb not reset maintain connectivity after being reset.

3. Updating Firmware

Outdated firmware on your Kasa smart bulb could also be responsible for problems with resetting connectivity. Kasa periodically releases important firmware updates for their bulbs that fix bugs, improve performance, and add features.

It is easy to check for the latest firmware in the Kasa mobile app:

  1. Open the Kasa app and tap on the Devices page.
  2. Select the specific Kasa light bulb that won’t reset that you want to update.
  3. Tap the menu icon in the upper right corner, then choose “Check for Updates.”
  4. If any new firmware is available, follow the on-screen prompts to download and install it onto the bulb.

Keeping your Kasa light bulb firmware completely up-to-date will ensure the bulb has the latest fixes for any resetting issues and optimized connectivity. Firmware updates take just a few minutes but make a major difference.

4. Replacing a Faulty Kasa Smart Bulb

If your Kasa light bulb won’t reset, it still will not work correctly despite resets, Wi-Fi fixes, and firmware updates; theThe bulb itself may need to be replaced due to aging electrical components.

Smart bulbs like Kasa LED models contain delicate internal electronics that can degrade over time after extended use. If a bulb is exhibiting reset problems along with flickering, buzzing, or inconsistent lighting, replacement is probably needed.

Check how long you have owned your Kasa light bulb won’t reset – typical lifespans range from 20,000-50,000 hours of use before issues arise. When purchasing a new bulb, match the specific Kasa model number printed on the base for the best compatibility. You may also consider upgrades like higher lumen brightness or a different color temperature.

Installing a brand new Kasa smart bulb in place of the old one provides you with the assurance of reliable connectivity and control.

5. Using Kasa Smart Plugs Instead

If you continue having difficulty getting your Kasa LED smart bulb to reset or connect to wifi properly, one final option is switching to a Kasa smart plug to control your lighting instead.

Kasa makes both smart bulbs and smart plugs that can be managed from the same Kasa app. The key difference is that smart plugs simply plug into an electrical outlet to control a connected light or device, while smart bulbs replace traditional bulbs and connect via your wifi network directly.

Smart plugs avoid the Wi-Fi connectivity and resetting issues that can happen with bulbs. To use a smart plug for lighting, simply plug a regular “dumb” bulb into the Kasa smart plug, plug it into your outlet, and control the light remotely!

Consider the Kasa HS103P2 or HS107 plugs, which offer scheduling, voice control, and energy monitoring to replace frustrating smart bulbs.

6. Getting Help from Kasa Support

If you have attempted all troubleshooting tips, but your Kasa light bulb won’t reset and is still not working correctly, it is time to reach out directly to Kasa customer support for additional assistance.

You can contact Kasa lighting specialists via email or live online chat through their website. Provide as many details as possible, including the bulb model number, what solutions you have tried so far, your wifi network setup, any error messages, and a full description of the issues you are experiencing.

Kasa’s support team can diagnose problems in depth and may recommend advanced troubleshooting, warranty replacements, technical inspections, or other solutions not covered in standard troubleshooting guides. Their lighting experts can get even stubborn kasa light bulbs won’t reset issues resolved once and for all.


While issues like failing to reset or maintain Wi-Fi connections can be frustrating, the good news is that Kasa smart bulb problems can almost always be fixed with the right troubleshooting. Resetting the bulb, optimizing your Wi-Fi network, installing firmware updates, replacing faulty units, and leveraging Kasa’s knowledgeable customer support will have your smart lighting back up and running in no time. Following the steps in this kasa light bulb won’t reset. The troubleshooting guide will restore the convenience of controlling your lights from your smartphone or voice again.

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