Sengled’s Party Mode: Key to the Perfect Party

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Ever wonder how to establish the Sengled smart bulb party mode? Sit tight as I’ll be showing you how in a moment.

You see, Sengled offers about twelve different varieties of bulbs in their smart bulbs lineup.

Notably, the basic models like the E26 Socket Soft White LED A19 smart bulb are known to generate only one type of light—natural 2700K light. This light is made up of a yellow hue that makes the room appear more natural and comfortable. These particular Sengled smart bulbs tend to be suitable for normal smart home lighting.

On the other hand, fancy models such as the E26 Socket Multicolor LED A19 smart bulb tend to produce multiple lights within the 2000K-6500K spectrum made up of millions of colors. Consequently, you get an extensive range of lights ranging from candlelight to daylight although you can also customize the lighting to suit a party or any other special purpose.

The party mode is one of the top-selling points for these particular bulbs. Actually, many buyers will want to know if there’s a party mode feature when choosing from Sengled bulbs. Similarly, those who have selected these smart bulbs will want to know how to configure their bulb for this feature.

So, how do you know if a Sengled smart bulb has a party mode? Also, how do you set up the appropriate bulb to provide this feature?

How Do You Know If a Sengled Smart Bulb Has Party Mode?

Sengled Smart Bulb Has Party Mode

You can do so by looking at the color of the bulb. Sengled smart LED bulbs come in 7 different colors that give them their respective lights as follows;

  • Color 1: Soft white—a soft white light.
  • Color 2: Multiple colors—lights of different colors.
  • Color 3: Tunable white color—a white light that you can also tune according to your needs.
  • Color 4: Daylight—a daylight kind of light.
  • Color 5: Extra bright soft white—an extra bright soft white light.
  • Color 6: Extra bright daylight—extra bright daylight.
  • Color 7: Amber vintage—an amber vintage light.

You know that a Sengled smart bulb has party mode if it features multiple colors for different lights. This can perfectly mimic the disco lights you see when you go to your favorite nightclub.

How To Configure The Appropriate Sengled Bulb for Party Mode

You can do this by using the Sengled Bluetooth app (if you are within range) or Amazon Alexa if you are out of range.

The Sengled BT app allows you to control and manage your lights, including activating the Party mode as long as it’s supported. All you have to do is download the app on your phone and set up your Sengled smart lighting ecosystem. It supports both Android and iOS.

If you would like to configure your lights for the Party mode away from home, all you have to do is use Amazon Alexa. These lights are designed to integrate easily with Alexa so that you can get the most out of them.

To use this interactive voice assistant developed by Amazon, you’ll first need to download the Alexa app to your smartphone or any other supported device.

N/B: The app currently works with Android 8.0+, iOS 14.0+, and Fire OS 7.0+ that powers Amazon smart devices.

Once you download and set up the app, pair it with your Sengled bulbs, and thereafter, you can use a simple voice command to have your lights switch to Party mode.

For example, you can say, “Alexa, switch my lights to Party mode”, and Alexa will do just that.

Alexa switch my lights to Party mode
Alexa switch my lights to Party mode

Make sure your lights are connected to the internet though. Otherwise, the App won’t be able to pair with them. Your multicolored Sengled smart bulbs connect to the internet via BLE Mesh, which is based on Bluetooth 5.0.

Final Thoughts

Next time you come across a Sengled smart LED light, don’t wonder if it supports party mode or not because you now know how to tell one that does or doesn’t. A Sengled bulb that does, typically, has multiple colors. If you configure it properly, it can produce a perfect disco-light-mimicking illumination. On the other hand, a bulb that doesn’t only has a single color, which means it can’t be configured to produce the above kind of light that is necessary for Party mode.

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