Smoke Alarms that Work with Ring – A Comprehensive Guide

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Home fires claim lives and destroy property every single day. Having reliable, interconnected smoke alarms installed throughout your home provides one of the best lines of defense to protect what matters most. If you have a Ring security system, pairing it with Ring-integrated smoke detectors takes protection to an even higher level. In this detailed guide, we’ll explore the features, benefits, options, and proper use of smoke alarms designed to work with Ring.

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How Connected Smoke Alarms Enhance Home Safety

Smoke Alarms Enhance Home Safety
Smoke Alarms Enhance Home Safety

On their own, standalone smoke alarms provide a basic level of fire detection. But when linked with your Ring devices, smart smoke detectors offer some significant safety advantages:

Complete Coverage

Ring’s wireless mesh network architecture seamlessly interconnects all the smoke alarms in your home. If one detector senses smoke and sounds its alarm, all the other units also activate. This eliminates gaps in coverage that occur with separate, individual alarms.

Faster Alerts

You will know a fire has started once traditional alarms loudly sound. Ring-connected detectors send alerts directly to your smartphone via the Ring app the moment smoke is detected. This allows you to take immediate action in the early stages of a fire before it escalates into a catastrophic emergency.

Enhanced Monitoring

Ring smoke detectors continuously monitor their own operation. If there are issues with battery power, connectivity, or the sensor, you’ll receive instant notifications through your mobile device. You can then promptly fix any problems to prevent lapses in security.

Flexible Control

If you receive an alarm notification while away from home, you can use the Ring app to quickly silence false alarms triggered by cooking smoke or an accidental burn. This remote access provides greater control and convenience.

Emergency Response

With an optional Ring Protect Plus subscription, emergency services will be automatically alerted if a smoke alarm goes off and you are unresponsive. This monitoring could be the difference between life and death.

Live Video Streaming

When connected with Ring cameras, alarms can activate live video feeds to show real-time conditions when smoke is detected. You’ll be able to visually confirm if there’s a dangerous fire or just a false trigger.

3 Ring-Compatible Smoke Detector Models

Ring currently offers three smoke and carbon monoxide alarm models that integrate with Ring home security products:

Ring Alarm Smoke and CO Detector

Ring Alarm Smoke and CO Detector

This versatile alarm can monitor for both smoke and carbon monoxide. It runs on battery power or can be hardwired. The alarm seamlessly interacts with Ring’s security system components and base station. It provides automatic alerts for smoke, CO, and other issues.

Ring Smart Smoke and CO Alarm

Ring Smart Smoke and CO Alarm

Building on the capabilities of the standard Ring alarm, the Smart model adds extra sensors for room temperature, humidity, ambient light levels, and motion. This allows it to function as a basic smart home device for automation and awareness. It also features a 110dB siren and LED pathway lights.

Ring Retrofit Alarm Kit

Ring Retrofit Alarm Kit

If you already have hardwired smoke detectors installed, the Retrofit Alarm Kit allows you to integrate them into your Ring ecosystem.

It replaces your existing wired alarms with Ring Retrofit modules to add smart alert capabilities without installing completely new detectors.

What are The Key Features of Ring’s Smoke Alarms?

Key Features of Rings Smoke Alarms
Key Features of Rings Smoke Alarms

Some of the most useful features that make Ring smoke detectors worth considering include:

Effortless Wireless Setup

Ring alarms connect wirelessly to your WiFi router without a separate control panel. The mesh network links all detectors for whole-home monitoring without complex wiring.

Smartphone Alerts

You’ll receive instant mobile alerts from anywhere when Ring smoke alarms detect smoke, carbon monoxide or experience technical issues that require attention.

Flexible Power Options

Depending on your home’s setup, Ring offers smoke alarms that run on battery power or wired AC power. This provides installation flexibility.

Live View On Demand

When paired with Ring cameras, alarms can automatically trigger video streaming to your mobile device when smoke is detected. This allows you to investigate the situation in real time visually.

Remote Management

The Ring app allows you to monitor sensor status, silence false alarms, adjust settings, and take control of your alarms and cameras from anywhere in the world.

Interconnected Protection

All Ring smoke and CO alarms self-interconnect over WiFi to form a cohesive, seamless detection network throughout your home’s living spaces.

Affordable Pricing

Ring alarms are competitively priced against brands like Nest and SimpliSafe. You also avoid the cost of professional installation fees.


Ring’s modular ecosystem allows you to add components over time. Start with basics like a camera, alarm, and motion detector, then build out your system by adding more devices.

What are the Reasons to Choose A Ring Smoke Alarms ?

Here are some of the key benefits Ring smoke alarms offer compared to most standard detectors:

Complete Mobile Integration

Ring smoke alarms seamlessly interact with Ring cameras, security panels, doorbells, and all other components. Everything can be monitored and managed through a single Ring app for robust protection.

Optional Professional Monitoring

Ring’s Protect Plus plan provides professional monitoring for maximum protection when away from home. Emergency dispatch will be alerted if an alarm sounds and you can’t be reached.

Power Outage Resilience

Ring smoke alarms with battery power, or the Ring Power Pack can continue operating for hours when electricity and WiFi are down. This prevents a loss of protection when you need it most.

Live Alarm Verification

Ring cameras allow you to see a live view of what triggered the smoke alarm. You’ll be able to determine if it’s a real fire or just steam from the shower that set them off accidentally.

Affordable 24/7 Protection

For less than $10 per month, you can have peace of mind knowing your Ring devices are monitoring for smoke, intruders, and other threats around the clock while you sleep or travel.

DIY Installation

Ring products are designed for a swift, simple DIY setup. There’s no need to wait for a professional installer or electrician. Just mount the alarms and connect them to the Ring app in minutes.

Night Vision Capabilities

Ring smoke alarms with LED pathway illumination and night vision cameras help improve visibility and awareness when navigating dark areas of your home at night.

Easy Expandability

Ring allows you to start small with a few key components and expand your system over time by adding more alarms, cameras, motion sensors, keypads, and other accessories whenever possible.

What to Look for When Buying a Ring Smoke Alarm

Here are some key factors to evaluate when choosing smoke and CO alarms to integrate with your Ring security system:

Your Home’s Layout

Consider the placement of existing hardwired alarms and measure the distance between them. This will help you determine if you need add-on retrofit kits or new standalone units for full coverage.

Power Source

Assess whether battery-powered or hardwired AC alarms will work best based on your home’s construction. Hardwired units provide non-stop power, while battery models offer more flexibility.

Sensor Types

While smoke detection is essential, carbon monoxide monitoring provides vital additional protection. Look for combination alarms that detect both smoke and CO in one device.

Smart Home Compatibility

Some Ring smoke alarms have extra temperature, humidity, ambient light, and motion sensors. If you want a multifunction alarm for home automation, opt for an advanced “Smart” model.

Professional Monitoring

If you travel often or have high-risk family members, enabling Ring’s professional monitoring will give you greater peace of mind and ensure emergency response.

Alarm Sound Level

Look for alarms rated at least 85 decibels to ensure the horn is loud enough to alert occupants in your home, especially heavy sleepers or those who are hearing impaired.

Added Safety Features

Additional features like LED path lights, battery backups, and secondary CO horns in sleeping areas provide your family with an added layer of protection.


Ring smoke alarms range from $35 to $70 depending on included features. Evaluate the options to find the right balance of price and functionality that fits your needs and budget.

Installing Your Ring Smoke and CO Detectors

Installing Your Ring Smoke and CO Detectors
Installing Your Ring Smoke and CO Detectors

Installing Ring’s smoke alarms properly is important for maximum home fire protection.

Here are some guidelines to follow:

Pick Ideal Placement

Experts recommend installing integrated smoke and CO alarms in every bedroom, on every level of the home, and in hallways or areas leading to bedrooms.

Avoid kitchens and garages where cooking fumes or exhaust could trigger false alarms. Also, keep them away from windows and exterior doors where drafts could interfere.

Follow Height Guidelines

For earliest smoke detection, wall-mounted alarms should be placed at least 4 inches from the ceiling. Ceiling installation in a central area is also effective, as smoke rises—place CO alarms at normal breathing height since CO is roughly the same weight as air.

Hardwire or Install Batteries

Connect the wiring to your home’s electrical junction box for AC-powered models. For battery-powered units, insert fresh alkaline batteries prior to mounting. Only use approved batteries to power smoke alarms.

Securely Attach Mounting Bracket

Use the included screws and drywall anchors to securely fasten the mounting bracket to the ceiling or wall per the manufacturer’s instructions. For hardwired models, feed the AC wiring through the opening in the bracket.

Mount and Test Alarm

Align the alarm vents with the bracket slots, twist onto the bracket, and push up to snap into place. Press the test button to confirm the audible alarm sounds and the active WiFi connection.

Link Alarms Together

Your Ring smoke alarms will automatically connect together via WiFi to create a mesh network throughout your home. All units will sound when one detects smoke.

Connect to the Ring App

In the Ring app, select Add A Device and follow the on-screen prompts to connect your alarms. Once setup is complete, you’ll receive mobile notifications if smoke or CO is detected.

How To Maintain Your Ring Smoke and CO Detectors Properly

Like any electronic safety device, Ring smoke alarms should be properly cared for to ensure they function reliably over the long term:

Test Monthly

Test all alarms monthly by pressing the test button to confirm the audible horn sounds and connected Ring devices activate. This ensures all electronics and connections are functioning properly.

Vacuum Vents

Use a handheld vacuum with a crevice tool to gently vacuum alarm vents and openings every few months. This frees them from dust, dirt, and debris, impeding airflow or blocking the sensor.

Replace Batteries Annually

For battery-powered models, replace batteries once a year or as soon as you receive a low battery notification. Use only fresh, high-quality alkaline batteries from reputable brands.

Update Firmware

When available, update your alarm firmware and Ring app via WiFi to ensure optimal performance and take advantage of new features and fixes. Keeping firmware up to date is vital.

Clean Alarm Externally

About once a month, wipe down the external case using a microfiber cloth lightly dampened with warm water and mild detergent. Avoid harsh chemicals.

Why Ring Smoke Alarms Are a Wise Investment

Here are some of the key reasons investing in Ring smoke and CO detectors can provide priceless protection for your family and home:

Mobile Alerts Can Save Lives

Instant push notifications of a fire in the early stages allow you to take quick action and evacuate before it’s engulfed in flames. This early warning capability makes Ring alarms worth their cost many times over.

Ability to Silence False Alarms

Instead of rushing home or calling neighbors when the stove sets off your alarms, you can quickly silence them from your smartphone and avoid unnecessary headaches.

Remote System Access

Provides control and awareness when away from home. You can monitor your home, view live camera feeds, silence alarms, and take other actions no matter where you are in the world.

Professional Monitoring Option

For maximum protection, Ring’s professional monitoring service will ensure emergency dispatch is alerted if you can’t be reached right away in the event your smoke alarm activates.

Interconnected Protection

All Ring smoke alarms link together to provide whole-home coverage. If one alarm sounds, they all sound to notify occupants no matter where the fire originates.

Live Video Look-In

When paired with Ring cameras, alarms can trigger video streaming to let you visually inspect and confirm emergencies in real time right from your smartphone.

Power Outage Resilience

Battery-powered and cellular backup options allow Ring devices to continue working when the power goes out. This prevents a loss of protection right when you need it most.

Affordable Prices

Ring smoke alarms are competitively priced versus other premium connected home security brands. And you avoid the cost of professional installation and wiring.

For less than the cost of a nice dinner out, Ring smoke alarms deliver 24/7 monitoring, early warning, and remote access, providing complete peace of mind. Take action before the unthinkable happens – prioritize proactive fire safety and protection by installing intelligent, integrated Ring alarms today.

Warning Signs of Smoke Alarm Failure

While modern smoke alarms are generally reliable, they can occasionally malfunction or fail. Watch for these warning signs of potential issues:

  • Frequent false alarms triggered by non-emergency causes like cooking or steam. This may indicate the sensor needs cleaning or the device should be relocated further from the kitchen or bathroom.
  • Chirping or beeping indicating a low battery. Alkaline batteries should be promptly replaced at least once a year.
  • Failure to sound the audible alarm when the test button is pressed. This could mean a faulty or disconnected horn/speaker.
  • No smartphone notifications are received when the alarm sounds. This can signal a WiFi connectivity problem or networking issue.
  • Cracked or damaged casing from an impact or leak. The compromised housing can allow dirt/debris inside to contaminate the sensor.
  • Old age. Smoke sensors lose sensitivity over time. Alarms should be replaced every 8-10 years.
  • Warning indicator lights flashing, usually signaling a malfunction. Check the owner’s manual for diagnostic code meanings.
  • Lack of audible alarm when actively burning smoke is introduced. The alarm may have a clogged sensor or needs replacing.

The smoke alarm should be cleaned, repaired, or replaced if any of these issues are noticed. Do not ignore warning signs of potential detector malfunction.

Ring Smoke Alarm Troubleshooting Tips

Like any electronic device, Ring smoke alarms can occasionally encounter technical glitches. Try these troubleshooting tips if your detector acts up:

Intermittent False Alarms

  • Clean vents with compressed air in case dirt is interfering with the sensor.
  • Relocate further away from known triggers like kitchens or bathrooms.
  • Replace the sensor if alarms persist after cleaning and changing location.

No Sound When Testing

  • Ensure batteries are installed correctly and fully charged if battery-powered.
  • Check that AC power is properly connected if hardwired.
  • Gently twist off and re-seat the alarm on its mounting bracket to re-establish electrical contacts.
  • Test the external horn by pressing the Test button. If no sound, replace the unit.

Not Receiving Smartphone Alerts

  • Check the WiFi router connection and reboot.
  • Open the Ring app to verify notifications are enabled.
  • Delete, then re-install the Ring app if needed.
  • Remove the alarm, reset it to factory settings, and repair to your WiFi.

Battery Running Down Quickly

  • Ensure you are using new, high-quality alkaline batteries and install them correctly.
  • Switch to AC power if available to eliminate battery issues.
  • Check for any constant blue or orange flashing LEDs indicating trouble.

Sensor Stops Detecting Smoke

  • A sensor may be contaminated if the alarm fails to sound when smoke is introduced.
  • Carefully vacuum sensor vents with brush attachments to remove any debris.
  • Ultimately, old smoke sensors need replacement every 8-10 years.

Regularly testing and inspecting your Ring smoke alarms is the best way to identify and diagnose any potential issues requiring attention. But Ring’s customer support can also provide troubleshooting assistance if needed.


Installing Ring-integrated smoke and carbon monoxide alarms provides extra monitoring and protection over standard detectors. The instant mobile alerts, remote access via the Ring app, live camera streams, and optional professional monitoring deliver whole-home awareness that can save lives in a home fire or carbon monoxide leak.

But to gain the full benefits, Ring alarms must be properly placed, installed, maintained, and tested like traditional models. Following the recommendations in this guide will help ensure your smoke detectors provide many years of reliable operation.

The small upfront investment is worth it for the peace of mind and enhanced family safety. Ring smoke alarms are provided around the clock. Don’t wait for a tragedy to strike – be proactive and use this information to make intelligent smoke alarm choices for your living space today.

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