How to View Your Blink Camera System on a Computer

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Blink cameras are a popular DIY home security option. The wireless cameras connect to a sync module and the Blink app, allowing you to view footage on your smartphone from anywhere. While the mobile app provides remote monitoring, you may want the bigger screen real estate of a computer for more convenient at-home viewing.

Luckily, with Blink’s desktop apps for Mac and Windows, you can fully access your Blink cameras on a computer.

Here is a detailed guide on how to set up your Blink system and view camera feeds on a desktop or laptop:

Step 1: Download and Install the Blink Software

The first step is downloading the desktop software to connect your Blink system to your computer.

For Windows

Go to and navigate to “Apps and Software.” Here you can download the Windows app to install on your computer. The Blink Setup application will guide you through connecting your Blink module and cameras.

Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your account and sync your devices. You’ll need your Blink username and password to log into the app. Make sure your sync module is plugged in and connected to the same Wi-Fi as your computer.

For Mac

Mac users can search the Mac App Store for “Blink Home Monitor.” Download and open the Blink Home Monitor app.

You’ll be prompted to enter your Blink credentials to log in. Ensure your Mac and Blink systems are on the same Wi-Fi network for proper setup. The app will walk through syncing your module and cameras.

Step 2: Viewing Camera Feeds

You can view live feeds once your Blink system is wirelessly connected to your computer! Opening the Blink app will display a list of your connected cameras.

Click on a camera name to pull up the live view window. You’ll see a crisp live stream from your Blink camera on your desktop. The video quality is dependent on your camera model and Wi-Fi connection.

You can view one camera feed at a time or open multiple camera views. Windows users can simultaneously see up to 4 live feeds in a split-screen layout.

Play Back Recorded Clips

In addition, to live viewing, you can also easily pull up past recordings with the computer app. Open the “Events” tab to see a history of clips captured based on motion or other triggers.

Double-click any recording to play it back. The desktop viewing experience makes finding and reviewing security footage simple.

Step 3: Adjust Camera Settings

The Blink app on your desktop controls your devices and system settings.

Open the settings menu for each camera to configure:

• Video quality – Lower quality uses less data

• Motion detection sensitivity – Adjust for fewer false triggers

• Activity zones – Set specific areas to monitor for motion

• Recording length – Choose clip duration (5-60 seconds)

• Status light – Disable camera light for stealth monitoring

Step 4: Set Up Device Notifications

The desktop app allows you to customize notifications from your Blink devices.

Go into the settings menu > notifications to:

• Turn motion detection alerts on/off

• Set alert sensitivity for each camera

• Mute notifications during certain hours

• Choose a notification sound

• Receive alerts for system events like loss of connection

Step 5: Manage Multiple Users

If you have family members you want to give access to your Blink system, you can manage users through the desktop app.

In the app settings, go to the “Users” tab. Here you can add additional accounts by email address. Choose whether to give full or restricted system access to others.

4 Benefits and Things To Do with Blink Desktop Application

1) Remote Viewing on Multiple Devices

A significant benefit of the computer app is checking your Blink system remotely from anywhere.

2) Away from Home Monitoring

If your computer has an internet connection, you can monitor your home whether you’re on vacation, at work, or anywhere else with your laptop.

The desktop app gives you remote live viewing and can check recordings from afar. Extra home monitoring peace of mind.

3) Viewing on Mobile and Desktop

You can also have the Blink app on your smartphone and computer for seamless viewing. When you’re home, use the desktop app to see bigger feeds conveniently.

Then when away, pull up the mobile app to watch your home. The apps stay in sync for easy cross-device monitoring.

4) Extra Security Features

Using the computer app also unlocks additional security capabilities:

• Receive alerts if your Blink system goes offline for any reason

• Check the connection status of all your devices

• View and manage the list of users who can access your Blink account

• Review system logs of all account and device activity

• Enable two-factor authentication for added account security beyond your password


The Blink desktop application provides enhanced features for monitoring your Blink camera system on a Windows PC or Mac computer. After a quick initial setup, you’ll enjoy convenient live viewing, playback of security footage, and remote monitoring.With complete control over your cameras, customizable notifications, and extra security capabilities, the computer app expands how you can use your Blink devices. Follow this guide for an easy transition to desktop viewing and monitoring.

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