How to Enlarge Pictures on a Blink Camera (Step by Step)

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Viewing security camera footage on a small screen can make it hard to see details. You may want to take a closer look and enlarge the picture when using Blink cameras. Whether you need to inspect activity more closely, read small text, or identify faces, enlarging the video from your Blink cameras is easy.

This article will explain how to make the most of your Blink camera system by digitally enlarging the picture. With a few simple taps and settings adjustments, you can zoom in and customize the view from live and recorded video.

We’ll cover how to use pinch-to-zoom, change quality settings, view clips, and more. Follow these tips to learn the ins and outs of enlarging footage on your Blink cameras. By the end, you’ll be able to magnify the picture for optimal security and monitoring easily.

Step 1: Accessing the Live View

The first step to enlarging the picture from your Blink camera is to access the live view feed. You can do this either through the Blink Home Monitor app on your smartphone or the Blink Desktop app on your computer. In case of failure, you can read: blink camera say live view failed.

To view the live feed in the app, open the app and select the camera you want to view. Tap on the camera thumbnail to connect to the live view.

On the desktop app, click the “Live View” option at the top and select the camera to see the live video feed.

Step 2: Using Pinch to Zoom

Once the live video stream is open, you can use the standard “pinch to zoom” gesture to enlarge the picture.

On a smartphone or tablet, place two fingers on the screen over the video and spread them apart to zoom in. Pinch them together to zoom back out.

On a computer, you can hold CTRL while scrolling with the mouse wheel or trackpad to zoom in and out.

The live view video will scale up in size as you zoom in, allowing you to see more details in the picture.

Step 3: Adjusting Quality Settings

In addition to pinching to zoom, you can adjust the video quality settings to improve the resolution and get a sharper, clearer picture.

In the app, tap the Settings icon and go to Video Settings. Slide the Video Quality option to the right for “Best” Quality. This will give you the highest-resolution video feed from the Blink camera.

On the desktop, click the gear icon to access Settings and adjust the Quality to “High” under Video Quality.

Setting the Quality to high or best will make the video sharper, allowing you to zoom in further without losing image quality.

Step 4: Viewing Recorded Clips

In addition to the live view, you may want to enlarge recorded clips from your Blink camera.

To do this, open the clips in playback mode. Pinch to zoom or use CTRL+scroll to enlarge the clip. You can zoom in on details like faces or license plates for a better view.

Improving the video quality, as mentioned above, will also enhance the resolution of recorded clips and allow you to zoom in more effectively.

Step 5: Using Full-Screen Mode

For the maximum enlarged view, use the full-screen option.

Tap the full-screen icon in the app to make the live or recorded video fill the entire screen. On the desktop, click the full-screen button or press F11.

This will give you the largest possible view of the Blink camera footage, allowing you to closely enlarge and inspect the picture.

Step 6: Enabling HD View (Desktop)

You can also enable HD View for sharper videos on the Blink Desktop app.

Go to Settings > Video Quality and check the box for Enable HD View. This will optimize the video for your monitor’s resolution to display the footage as crisply as possible.

The HD setting further improves picture quality for the ability to inspect and enlarge the video on a large monitor.

Step 7: Using Digital Zoom

Some Blink camera models also have a digital zoom feature that can be used to enlarge the picture.

In the mobile app, you may see a zoom slider when viewing live or recorded video. Drag the slider to the right to zoom in up to 4x digitally.

Click the magnifying glass “Zoom” icon on the desktop to activate digital zoom mode. Then click the plus and minus buttons to zoom in and out.

Digital zoom gives you precise control to zoom in on details. However, it can decrease video quality at higher zoom levels. Use digital zoom to inspect something specific, then disable it to return to regular view.

Enabling digital zoom is another excellent way to make the picture larger with your Blink cameras. Combined with pinch-to-zoom and quality adjustments, you can customize the ideal view.

Why Enlarging the Picture is Useful

Being able to enlarge the picture from your Blink camera digitally has some helpful benefits:

• Identify people or objects more easily

• Read license plate numbers

• View details like the small print on signs

• See facial features clearly for identification

• Monitor activity at the gate or entryways

• Observe wildlife/pets close up

Enlarging the video feed turns your Blink camera into a digital zoom lens. This can provide the level of magnification needed for effective security and monitoring.

Following these simple tips will ensure you can always enlarge the picture from your Blink cameras when desired. Sharper footage lets you view events and details more clearly for peace of mind.

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