Blink Camera Keeps Clicking (It’s Usually NOT An Issue)

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Many homeowners have found blink Camera, a smart home security camera, to be an important tool for keeping their homes secure. Some users have reported that their blink Camera continues producing a clicking sound during usage. 

There are many potential causes for this clicking sound. Therefore, it’s necessary to identify the root of the problem to solve this annoying sound. Here, we’ll discuss why this can happen and suggest restoring regular operation to your camera. Further, we’ll discuss several ways you may help ensure this problem never arises again.

You should get your Blink Camera up and running again fast and maintain it in good operating condition without disturbing clicking sound for a long time using the knowledge presented here.

Here Are All The Possible Causes That May Generate a Clicking Sound on Your Blink Camera

The use of blink cameras, a newer kind of security camera, has grown in popularity in recent years.

Blink Outdoor, Indoor, MiniBlink Video Doorbell, the cameras are perfect for use in private residences. They’re cheap and easy to install, so they’re a good choice for homeowners who want to beef up their protection without breaking the bank.

When activated, Blink cameras are known for their distinctive clicking sound. The IR cut filter in the camera is shifting, causing the clicking. The purpose of an IR cut filter is to minimize or eliminate the exposure of the camera’s image sensor to infrared radiation.

To adjust the quantity of infrared light reaching the image sensor, the filter is typically positioned in front of the sensor and adjusted in the appropriate direction. The Blink camera makes a distinctive clicking sound whenever the filter is adjusted.

The IR cut filter’s distinctive clicking has many useful applications. Primarily, it’s a sign that the camera is actively recording. If the camera is utilized as a part of a home security system, this feature may be extremely beneficial by letting the owner know everything is operational. Also, the sound alerts the user to their surroundings and reminds them to switch off the camera when it’s not in use.

The clicking sound produced by the IR cut filter is a crucial feature that contributes to the general usefulness of the camera. The camera’s click alerts the user that it is active and prompts them to turn it off when they are done. As such, the IR cut filter is an integral feature of the Blink camera, and the satisfying click it makes is a welcome addition to the whole experience.

How to Fix the Most Typical Problems with Blink Camera

Common problems with a Blink camera might be irritating, (expecially the one related to the sound as clicking sound) but happily, they can usually be fixed by following a few simple steps.

The Blink camera was created to act as the nerve center of a comprehensive smart home system. Using it, you can keep tabs on your home’s safety systems, manage the lights, and operate any other connected appliances. Despite the Blink camera’s ease of use and dependability, it may face technical issues on rare occasions.

Tips to follow to Solve clicking sound on blink camera

Troubleshooting a Blink camera begins with verifying that it has electricity. Make sure the plug is in, and the power is on. Remove and re-insert the power supply if the camera still doesn’t operate after the power has been turned on. Resetting the system may get everything working again.

If the camera has electricity but isn’t operating, the problem may lie with the cable. The camera must be linked to the same Wi-Fi network to communicate with the rest of your smart home’s gadgets. Try resetting the router if you’re having trouble connecting to the network.

Check for updates

If the camera still doesn’t operate, there might be a software problem. The program must be updated to the most recent version to use Blink. Remove and reinstall the program to see if the problem persists. Hopefully, this will fix the software problem.

The last resort is to get in touch with Blink’s support staff. They’ll be able to give you more specific advice and help you get your camera working again.

Most problems with a Blink camera may be fixed fast and simply with little troubleshooting. If you follow the instructions above, you should have a working camera again in no time.

Advantages of Using a Blink Camera For Home Surveillance

Many people now consider home security crucial because of the prevalence of online threats. Homeowners can now check in on their properties’ safety without leaving the convenience of their couches, thanks to the proliferation of high-tech tools like the Blink Camera. The Blink Camera not only lets people test out the potential advantages of home monitoring but also reassures them that their property is safe.

The Blink Camera has several uses for homeowners, including remote surveillance. The Blink Camera is a simple-to-set-up, motion-activated, wireless security camera. The camera has motion detection capabilities and will alarm if anything or someone enters the premises. They will get an instant alert if there is any suspicious activity on a homeowner’s property. The camera may also be utilized to keep tabs on who comes and goes from the house and any other movements.

The Blink Camera gives homeowners a convenient method to see security videos and keep an eye on their property from anywhere. With this camera, homeowners can record their video straight to the cloud and accessed and managed it from any device with an internet connection. So, suppose a homeowner has a security camera installed. In that case, it’s simple for them to go back and watch the video they’ve recorded to see if anything suspicious has happened on their property.

To top it all off, the Blink Camera can work with other smart home systems. This makes it simple for homeowners to add another layer of protection by connecting the camera to their security infrastructure. This facilitates the monitoring of the house and the prompt response to any security risks.


The Blink Camera gives homeowners a reliable tool for keeping an eye on their property and quickly reacting to any security issues. The Blink Camera is a great option for homeowners curious about the advantages of home surveillance because of its simple installation, remote monitoring capabilities, and compatibility with other smart home devices. A faulty PIR sensor or a low battery is the blame for Blink camera’s persistent clicking. Checking the battery’s charge and ensuring all connections are tight are vital steps in narrowing down the source of the problem. Do not hesitate to contact Blink’s customer care if the problem continues.

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