Demystifying Wyze Cam Error Code 20

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The Wyze Cam has become one of the most popular home security cameras due to its impressive features and budget-friendly price point. However, many users need clarification on technical issues and error codes when using their Wyze Cams.

The dreaded Wyze Cam error code 20 is one common error code that appears. This perplexing code can be frustrating for users who rely on their Wyze Cams for home monitoring and security. In this comprehensive guide, we will demystify Wyze Cam error code 20 by explaining what it means, providing troubleshooting tips, and preventing it from occurring in the future.

What Does Error Code 20 on Wyze Cam Mean?

The Wyze Cam error code 20 indicates that the camera’s microSD card is experiencing technical problems. This could occur for several main reasons:

  • The microSD card is corrupted or damaged
  • The card is inserted incorrectly into the camera
  • The camera cannot read or write data to the card
  • There are compatibility issues with the specific card model

Essentially, error code 20 signifies that there is a problem with the storage medium that prevents your Wyze Cam from functioning properly. The microSD card is used to store recorded events and timelapse videos locally on the camera.

Troubleshooting Causes of Wyze Cam Error Code 20

If your Wyze Cam suddenly shows error code 20, here are some potential causes and fixes to troubleshoot:

Corrupted or Faulty SD Card

The most common reason for error code 20 is file system corruption or physical defects on the SD card. Power cycling the camera doesn’t fix the issue. Try reformatting the card using the Wyze app. If errors persist, the card may be permanently damaged and need replacing.

Improper Card Insertion

Sometimes, the microSD card becomes slightly dislodged in the slot. Power off the camera, remove and reinsert the card to ensure it is seated properly, and then power back on. The connection issues may be resolved.

Incompatible Card Specifications

Certain microSD card models or capacities may not be fully compatible with the Wyze Cam. Check the manufacturer’s specs to ensure your card meets Wyze’s requirements. Purchasing a recommended card can correct compatibility issues.

Excessive Wear on Card

SD cards have a limited lifespan and can wear out from repeated write cycles. If your card is very old or almost full, this natural degradation can cause problems. Replacing the well-worn card with a new one often fixes error 20.

Effective Solutions for Fixing Wyze Cam Error Code 20

If you encounter the dreaded error code 20 on your Wyze Cam, here are some step-by-step solutions to resolve it:

Soft Reset the Camera

First, perform a simple power cycle by unplugging the Wyze Cam for 15 seconds and then plugging it back in. This can clear temporary glitches causing error 20.

Check Card Seating

Open the camera housing and remove, then reinsert the microSD card to verify it is properly seated in the slot. Snap the housing back on securely afterward.

Format the Card

If seating isn’t the issue, format your card using the Wyze app or a computer. This wipes and reconfigures the file system, fixing many corruption issues.

Replace the Card

If formatting doesn’t work, the card is likely defective and needs replacing. Add a new microSD card to Wyze’s recommended list into your camera.

Update Camera Firmware

Install any available Wyze Cam firmware updates, as newer versions may resolve SD card connectivity problems leading to error 20.

Contact Wyze Support

If all else fails, reach out to Wyze’s helpful support team. They can further troubleshoot the error code 20 and identify any other potential hardware or software issues.

Preventing Wyze Cam Error Code 20 in the Future

Follow these tips to avoid seeing error code 20 again on your Wyze Cam:

  • Purchase your microSD card directly from Wyze to ensure compatibility
  • Handle the card carefully to prevent physical damage
  • Never remove the card when the camera is on
  • Periodically reformat the card to refresh the file system
  • Replace older cards that are nearing max capacity
  • Keep the camera firmware updated to the latest version
  • Position your camera in a cool area without excessive heat

Properly maintaining both the SD card and Wyze Cam makes error code 20 far less likely to occur. However, the error may still occasionally happen due to the nature of electrical components and digital storage.

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The Wyze Cam error code 20 indicates issues with the camera’s microSD card, whether from corruption, defects, compatibility problems, or normal wear. While frustrating, this error can usually be resolved by troubleshooting steps like resetting, reseating, reformatting, or replacing the card. Preventative measures also exist to reduce the chances of seeing error code 20. Overall, the error does not indicate your Wyze Cam is permanently broken. Instead, error code 20 typically points to an SD card problem that can be corrected, allowing normal camera operation to resume.

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