Understanding and Fixing Wyze Cam Error Code 27

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The Wyze Cam is a popular and affordable home security camera with great features at a budget-friendly price. However, users sometimes encounter technical issues like error codes that can be frustrating. One common error code is the Wyze Cam error code 27. In this article, we’ll explore what this error code means, why it happens, and how to go about fixing it.

What is the Wyze Cam Error Code 27?

The Wyze Cam error code 27 indicates that the camera is having issues connecting to the Wyze servers. This could mean the connection between the camera and the router or access point is disrupted. It could also indicate an issue with the Wyze servers themselves.

When error code 27 shows up, it means the live stream from the Wyze Cam has been interrupted, and the camera cannot transmit footage in real-time. The camera may still be able to record video to the SD card, but there will be no live view in the app.

Common Causes of the Wyze Cam Error Code 27

There are a few common reasons why the Wyze cam error code 27 may show up:

  • Connectivity issues – Disruptions between the camera and the wireless router or access point can prevent the live stream from transmitting. Interference, weak signals, or network outages can trigger the error.
  • Router or access point problems – Issues with the router/access point firmware, settings, or hardware can interfere with the Wyze Cam connection. Problems like restrictive firewall settings or router malfunctions can cause the error.
  • Wyze server problems – Though less common, sometimes this error code can come up due to problems with the Wyze servers. Server outages or other technical difficulties can interrupt the camera connection.
  • Outdated camera firmware – If the Wyze Cam firmware needs to be updated, it may have compatibility issues connecting to the Wyze servers. Outdated firmware can sometimes cause error code 27.

How to Fix the Wyze Cam Error Code 27

If your Wyze Cam shows error code 27, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take:

  • Check the camera and router connection – Make sure the Wyze Cam and the router/access point are within range and able to maintain a stable connection. Eliminate any interference or obstructions.
  • Reboot the camera and router – Power cycle the Wyze Cam and the router/access point. Unplug both for 30 seconds and reconnect them to reset the connection.
  • Test with a different router – See if connecting the Wyze Cam to a different router or access point resolves the issue. This can help determine if the problem is with your existing network hardware.
  • Check Wyze servers status – Check the Wyze support site and social media pages to see if Wyze servers are experiencing technical issues. If so, you’ll have to wait for Wyze to resolve them.
  • Update the camera firmware – Go to Settings > Firmware Upgrade in the Wyze app to check for any new firmware updates. Install the latest firmware to fix potential bugs.
  • Delete and reinstall the app – Removing and reinstalling the Wyze app can clear out bugs that may interrupt the connection. Make sure to backup any recorded video first.

Preventing Future Wyze Cam Error Code 27 Occurrences

Once you’ve resolved the Wyze Cam error 27, there are some things you can do to help prevent it from popping up again in the future:

  • Position your camera closer to the router or access point to maintain a strong wireless signal.
  • Keep the camera firmware up to date by checking the app for new updates regularly.
  • Set up Wyze Cam Plus if you need longer video storage for brief connectivity interruptions.
  • Buy a Wyze Cam with external storage if you need 24/7 continuous recording capability.
  • Contact Wyze support right away if you notice the issue recurring frequently.


The Wyze cam error code 27 can be annoying to deal with. Still, in most cases, it can be fixed with simple troubleshooting steps like updating firmware, rebooting the camera, or adjusting the camera position. Checking for Wyze server issues and contacting Wyze support if needed can also help get your camera connection back up and running again. Paying close attention to the camera connection status and watching for firmware updates can go a long way towards preventing error 27 from halting your Wyze Cam in the future.

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