How to Fix the ‘Already Registered’ Error When Setting Up Blink Cameras

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Blink cameras are a popular option for affordable, easy-to-use home security cameras. They offer wireless setup, motion detection, night vision, and cloud storage.

However, many users encounter an issue during the initial syncing process where the Blink app gives an error saying the sync module is already registered.

Here are the causes and solutions for the “sync module already registered” error message.

Overview of Blink Camera System

Blink cameras are designed as an entry-level do-it-yourself home security system. They are made by Immedia Semiconductor and owned by Amazon after an acquisition in 2017. Blink offers both indoor and outdoor 100% wireless camera models such as the Blink Mini, Blink Indoor, Blink Outdoor, and Blink Video Doorbell.

The system uses a compact wireless sync module to enable communication between the cameras and the Blink app. The sync module coordinates remote viewing, recording, and storage using WiFi and cloud connectivity. Blink offers free cloud storage as well as local USB storage options.

Setup only requires plugging in the sync module and connecting the wireless cameras. No wiring or professional installation is needed. Blink cameras are powered by two AA lithium batteries that can last up to two years.

Sync Module Registration Process

Part of the initial Blink camera setup process involves “registering” the sync module with a Blink account in the mobile app. This links that specific sync module to your account profile for accessing those cameras connected to it.

The app provides a unique 8-digit QR code and 4-digit PIN, which must be scanned and entered on the sync module during registration. The module’s LED light will blink blue when it is ready for registration.

Common Causes of “Already Registered” Error On Sync Module

When registering a new sync module to your account, users may get an error saying it is already registered.

There are a few common reasons for this:

  • The sync module was previously registered to another Blink account
  • The sync module was registered but later unpaired from an account
  • App issues or account login errors occurred during registration
  • The sync module itself is defective

Troubleshooting Tips and Suggestions

If you encounter the “already registered” error during setup, there are some steps to try:

  • Factory reset the sync module using the small reset pinhole located on the side.
  • Try re-registering the module to your Blink account in the app.
  • Contact Blink customer support to remove the sync module from an old account.
  • Obtain a brand-new sync module to replace a potentially defective one

Resetting the Sync Module

Resetting the sync module using the pinhole reset will clear any old registration ties so it can be correctly paired with your account.

Make sure to follow Blink’s instructions for the factory reset procedure. Insert a paperclip into the pinhole while pressing the setup button until the light blinks.

Contacting Blink Support

If needed, blink support can also remotely unlink the sync module from any previously registered accounts.

Provide them the serial number printed on the back and details about the “already registered” error to deregister it from old accounts.

Swapping the Sync Module

In some cases, a faulty or damaged sync module may need to be replaced with a brand new one.

Visit Blink’s website or Amazon to purchase a replacement module if troubleshooting does not resolve the issue.

Preventing Future Registration Problems

To avoid running into sync module registration problems when installing new Blink cameras:

  • Only use brand new, unregistered sync modules
  • Keep track of which modules are paired with which accounts
  • Double check you are logged into the correct account before registering
  • Confirm the module LED is blinking white when ready for app registration
  • Follow Blink’s sync module pairing instructions closely

Understanding Blink Sync Module LED Codes

The LED light on the Blink sync module provides information about its status.

Here are common blink codes:

Solid blue – Connected to WiFi and linked with the Blink app

Blinking white – Ready for app registration and account pairing

Blinking amber – Cannot connect to WiFi

Alternating blue/amber – Firmware update in progress

Monitoring the LED can provide useful diagnostics. If it is not blinking white when trying to register, there may be a WiFi connectivity issue.


The “sync module already registered” error during Blink camera setup can usually be fixed by resetting, contacting support, or replacing the module. Carefully managing and tracking sync modules can help minimize registration issues. With a properly registered sync module, Blink cameras can be wirelessly accessed through the app for convenient home security monitoring and storage.

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