How To Prevent Blink Camera From Being Hacked (4 Important Tips)

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Blink cameras are an excellent solution for homeowners looking to improve their home security monitoring. They come with reliable motion detectors and powerful batteries that can last up to 2 years and capture high-resolution videos. When connected to WiFi, Blink cameras let you stream the footage of your property in real-time remotely. However, the fact that they are security systems doesn’t make these cameras immune to attacks.

Like any other wireless device, Blink cameras can potentially be vulnerable to hacking, especially if proper safety measures are not in place. While they come with many built-in security features that make them more difficult to hack, no system is entirely secure. That’s why homeowners should know how to prevent their Blink cameras from being hacked.

Hackers can exploit firmware glitches or vulnerabilities on your home network to access your smart security cameras. If you recently installed Blink cameras, this post will cover how you can prevent hacking and keep your home safe.

Can Blink Cameras Be Hacked?

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Security and encryption are fundamental, especially when transmitting sensitive information. Blink uses high-end encryption to protect its devices and shield against possible attacks. Precisely, all Blink cameras and security systems use WPA2 encryption to protect footage. They also encrypt recorded footage.

These in-built security features help prevent unauthorized access, ultimately preventing data theft. Even better, cloud storage which many Blink users rely on utilizes military-grade encryption, which adds a layer of security.

So, can Blink cameras be hacked?

Sadly, YES. In a test involving the ST2, a security research firm established that Blink cameras have security vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit to gain control of them and access sensitive data. Successful hacking can give the hacker access to live footage or stored feed and the ability to tamper with the camera’s settings.

How Can Hackers Penetrate Blink Cameras?

Hackers usually exploit network, firmware, or device vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access. While some may target your Blink account or app, many attackers have noticed homeowners neglect the security of routers and modems, so they often target the home network.

They spam the WiFi password until they make the right guess or exploit router firmware glitches. The biggest problem is that when your WiFi is attacked, it exposes all your devices connected to the network.

Attackers aiming to hack your Blink cameras may target connected devices like your smartphone, computer, or virtual assistants.

How To Prevent Blink Camera From Being Hacked

Although Blink cameras come equipped with high-end security features to minimize possible attacks, they are still vulnerable.

These tips can protect your Blink cameras and your privacy from possible attacks.

1. Keep Your Firmware Updated

Keep Firmware Updated prevent malicious act on blink camera

Firmware is a favorite prey for hackers, so keeping your camera’s firmware updated can prevent malicious activity.

Amazon releases firmware updates regularly to improve encryption and heighten security. Keep a check on updates and install the latest versions of Blink firmware and the Blink app.

You can even turn on automatic updates so that your camera firmware and phone apps update automatically when a new version is released. Blink camera should update to the latest firmware version automatically when synced with the latest version of the Blink Home Monitor app.

2. Use a Strong Password

Use a Strong Password to prevent hacker attack on blink camera

Even with the latest firmware versions, an attacker can penetrate your Blink security system using your login credentials.

A strong password can be a safety net when someone tries to gain access to your Blink account unauthorized. Consider a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols when creating a password.

Tip: Change your password immediately if you suspect your devices have been compromised or feel paranoid someone knows your current password.

3. Use Different Log-Ins

3. Use Different Log Ins to prevent attack

While using the same password and username for multiple accounts is good for remembrance, it is a dangerous habit. In a scenario where a hacker knows your password, they may use it to gain access to your other accounts, which can lead to serious security breaches and potential loss of information. A unique yet easy-to-remember password for each of your online accounts can hamper attacks.

To add a layer of protection, consider enabling multi-factor authentication.

This feature can help secure your Blink account, especially when you inadvertently lose your login credentials to a cyber-terrorist.

4. Secure Your Home Network

Secure Your Home Network will prevent hacker attack

Your WiFi can be a gateway to all your devices connected to it, including your Blink cameras.

To protect against malicious activities, set a strong WiFi password and even consider limiting the number of devices that can connect to it.

How To Know if Your Blink Camera Is Hacked

There are a few things to watch out for to know if your camera has been hacked. Here are things that can tell when your Blink camera is hacked:

  1. An unusual voice coming from your camera.
  2. Changed password or strange activity on your account.
  3. Degraded camera efficiency and changes in quality.
  4. Strange app in a device connected to your Blink camera.
  5. Strange behavior from connected devices and camera not responding to voice commands.

When your camera is hacked, it puts your privacy at risk. The hacker can watch over your property to know when you’re away and listen to your conversations. Worse, the hacker might use the camera as a gateway to attack other devices and steal personal information.

If you notice any suspicious activity indicating an attack or have concerns about the security of your cameras, act quickly and change your Blink account password.


While Blink security cameras are not easy to hack, they have exploitable vulnerabilities like most devices that connect to the internet network. Thankfully, Amazon usually responds quickly to any potential threats to help safeguard Blink users’ privacy. If you have Blink cameras, keeping your app and firmware up to date can help deter malicious activities. Beware that hacking is not the only issue that can cause your camera to malfunction.

Besides these security recommendations, always ensure your Blink security system is well-configured for optimal performance. If you experience issues that are hard to fix, reach out to Blink customer support for specialized assistance.

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