How to Deregister a Blink Camera: Step by Step Procedures

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Blink cameras make monitoring your home easy with wireless setup and battery power. Sometimes, you may need to deregister a Blink camera from your account, whether replacing a faulty device, upgrading models, or reorganizing your system. Deregistering removes the camera from your Blink app so it no longer associates with your account.

Follow this straightforward guide to deregister your Blink cameras properly.

Step 1: Check the Camera Status in the App

Open the Blink app and go to the Devices page to view your registered cameras.

Check the status of the specific camera you want to deregister.

Make sure it shows as “Online” or “Connected” so you can complete the deregistration process.

If it shows as “Offline,” you may need to troubleshoot connection issues first before deregistering.

Step 2: Disconnect the Camera Power

Start the deregistration process by disconnecting your camera’s power supply. For battery-powered models, remove the batteries.

For wired devices, unplug the cable from the outlet or sync module.

This will immediately prevent the camera from communicating further with your Blink account.

Step 3: Delete the Camera From Your Account

Go to the Device Settings menu in your Blink app with the camera powered off. Select the specific camera you need to deregister.

Choose the option to delete or remove this device from your Blink account. Confirm that you want to delete the camera when prompted permanently.

Step 4: Reset the Camera Itself

After deleting the camera from your app, you’ll also need to reset the device itself. This clears any connection between the camera and your account.

Refer to your specific Blink camera manual for reset instructions. Generally, you’ll locate a small reset button on the camera module and press this for several seconds using a pin tool.

Step 5: Wait for Reset Indication

Keep holding the reset button until the camera red LED light starts rapidly blinking. This indicates the reset is in progress. Hold for 10-15 seconds until the light turns solid again, then release the reset button. The camera is now reset and unassociated from your Blink account.

Step 6: Pair Camera with New Account

If deregistering a still functional Blink camera you want to use elsewhere; you can now pair it to a new Blink account. Power on and access the setup mode for the camera, then follow the in-app prompts to sync to a new account. The camera previously reset will not connect back to your old account after deregistration.

What To do If Your Blink Camera Doesn’t Deregister?

If your Blink camera doesn’t deregister due to connectivity problems, you may need to troubleshoot first before removing it.

Check the camera battery or power connections to make sure it has consistent power. Move the camera closer to the WiFi router if the signal is weak.

Inspect the camera for any physical damage inhibiting connections. Retry deregistering once any issues are resolved.

What To Do After Deregistering a Blink camera?

After successfully deregistering your Blink camera in the app and performing a factory reset, take down any mounting equipment.

For indoor cameras using stands or wall mounts, carefully detach these accessories. For outdoor cameras, remove any exterior screws, brackets, or adapters used for installation. Patch any holes and repaint if necessary.

What Happen after I Deregisterd my Blink camera?

With the camera deregistered, any related video footage and motion alerts will no longer be available in your Blink app.

For records, consider saving important video clips before deleting the camera. Adjust your notification settings so you don’t keep receiving alerts for a non-functioning device. Removing the camera cleanly breaks its ties to your account settings.

How to Manage Blink Subscription after Deregistering it

If you have an active Blink subscription plan allowing a set number of cameras, update your subscription after deregistering.

Access Blink subscription settings and change the number of cameras allowed to reflect your new lower amount of registered devices accurately. You’ll avoid paying for unused subscription capacity.

Add Replacement Cameras If Needed

If deregistering a defective camera, consider adding a replacement Blink device to maintain monitoring coverage. After deleting the faulty camera, register a new Blink module following the standard in-app set up process. Position it similarly to your old camera to preserve your coverage zones. Syncing a replacement camera into your system is straightforward.

Deregistering a Blink camera cleanly removes it from your account, allowing you to upgrade devices, restructure your system or replace malfunctioning units. Follow the step-by-step guide for smooth deregistration and resetting. You can remove cameras and realign your home security system with a few simple app adjustments and hardware resets.

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