Do Smart Plugs Work With Any App? (Answered)

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Making a home Smart is one of the main things you want to achieve to make your experiences in and out of home less stressful. Among the critical aspects of making a home Smart is installing smart plugs. Apparently, smart plugs allow you to turn your power outlets on and off remotely or by use of a timer.

Once you buy and correctly install a plugs on your power outlets, it is significant that you find a better way of operating them. Thankfully, smart plugs have an array of tools that facilitate their functionality. However, it is imperative that you consider the type, version, and brand of your smart plug so that you correctly choose the right control device.

Keep reading to learn more about how smart plugs are used and controlled.

Do Smart Plugs Work With Any App?

Smart plugs are handy devices that are usually installed between the power outlet and the plug of an appliance. There are many types of smart plugs, and each is designed quite differently, but they serve the same purpose. Examples of smart plugs include WiFi, Bluetooth, Z wave, WeMo, eve, Samsung, WYZE, Teckin, Tp-Link, Ring, Amazon, and many others.

All these devices work with their own apps, google assistant, Alexa, Apple Homekit, and other control units. Some smart plugs are designed to be installed outdoors, are designed sturdily, and are weatherproof.

Essentially, a smart plug is operated just like a switch for a light or a typical socket. The main difference is between a smart plug and a light switch or ordinary socket is that a smart plug does not have a physical toggle or a button. Smart plugs are controlled by an app. You can turn on or off a smart plug’s power using an app on your phone or Alexa. A programmed schedule and voice can also start an electric appliance in your home.

Do smart plugs need to be connected to WiFi

There are very few smart plugs that can operate without WiFi. Actually, almost all models and brands of smart plugs will need WiFi or a strong internet connection to operate effectively. The connection is to facilitate remote control and access to all its features.

If your smart plug has a physical button, you can use this button to operationalize the plug. However, it is critical to note that most devices will only function well with Wi-Fi. It is with wifi that they can promptly adjust to voice commands made through mobile applications.

Other devices use radio signals in place of WiFi. But still, these systems have a smart hub that passes communication using wifi. The programmed scenes and features might still work in most cases, but the user does not get access until wifi is connected. If you are interested read about smart plug and radiation.

Most smart plugs have dedicated apps to operationalize them. However, if the app fails or you cannot access it, you can use the smart life app. This is a universal app capable of working with several smart plugs at once.

If you opt for this universal smart plug app, then you must configure it to your plugs. The instructions below will help you successfully configure your smart plug.

How to Connect Smart plug with universal app

1. Install the most recent version of the free smart life app on your iOS or android device.

2. Launch the application and create a user account. All your devices should sync to this account.

3. Tap on the plus sign positioned at the top right side and add your recent smart plug to the app.

4. Go to add manually, then select the electrician toggle before you choose the socket. This process makes the app assume that your device is wifi enabled.

5. Add your smart device before adding the smart plug.

6. Choose your wifi network, and input the password before you tap Next.

7. Connect your smart plug to a power outlet or socket and press then hold down the power button on the plug. You will see the light on the button blink.

8. Give the app time to scan and find your smart plug before adding it to the app.

9. Give the new smart plug a name and tap to save it.

This way, your app, and plug will be set and ready to function.

Things to consider when shopping for smart plugs

When shopping for any electrical or smart appliance, it is imperative to confirm that you are bringing home the exact thing you need. It is very common to buy a faulty device just because you overlook its features.

Here are some of the things you need to look at when purchasing a smart plug.

1. Compatibility with your digital assistant or mobile device

The first and most important thing to look at is the compatibility of the smart plug with your phone, tablet, or laptop. You should also ensure that the plug is integrated with the google assistant of your choice.

Some smart plugs can operate on both android and iOS systems while others will only work with either android or iOS. You should therefore choose one that you can conveniently operate.

There are some smart plugs designed to only work with two digital assistants. Make sure that your Google assistant is among the two compatible with your smart bulb.

2. Brand name

Brand names matter greatly when it comes to choosing a smart device. Many companies produce smart plugs, but they are likely to get problematic after a few days of use. Brands like WeMo, Amazon, Philips, Ring, Kasa, WYZE, Eve, and Samsung are well-established and have a great reputations. It is less likely to purchase a plug of this brand, and it fails.

3. Choose multipacks

Most smart plugs are sold in packs of three or four. This allows buyers to save a little while automating several outlets. Other plugs have multiple ports, which allow users to get the most benefit from the plugs.


Smart plugs enable you to operate your electric devices from the comfort of your sit or even when away from home. You can turn your washer on or off even when away from home. All this is done on an app, and that is why you should ensure that your smart plug is compatible with the app you are using.

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