How to Make Smart Lights Strobe

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Smart lights are feature-loaded, making them useful for lighting homes and great for home security and adding character to events and parties. If you’re fond of hosting backyard parties, one smart LED light effect you can greatly benefit from is flashing, necessitating knowing how to make them strobe.

While there are different ways of making your lights strobe, some are relatively easier in terms of application than others. Depending on how you wish your vicinity to be decorated by smart lights, always design and set them to blink in a particular manner.

Keep reading to learn the best ways to make your smart bulbs strobe.

What does strobe mean

Strobe means flashing. That is what is referred to as light strobes. If you usually attend parties, you must have seen bulbs flash on and off quickly. Considering the beauty effect brought by flashing lights, many homeowners might prefer trying them in their backyard or when holding a party. 

Flashing smart bulbs can as well be used in a controlled environment to complement your property, decor, or event with enhanced visual effects. Interestingly, new smart lights come with features to allow you to set how quickly you want the bulbs to flash, which can effectively be used to draw attention. This can be a great way to entertain guests and friends during evening and night events.

How to make Smart Lights flash

Smart bulbs can serve unique purposes, banking on the fact that they can be controlled remotely. Here are some of the ways homeowners can create a flashing effect with their lights. 

1. Using the smart light app

This is the easiest way to make smart lights flash. The newest lighting strips and bulbs feature technology that allows you to configure them with an app for more functionalities. Even better, the Apps are compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. 

When using the app, go to the preset lighting menu, then navigate to find the “strobe” or flash icon. Tap on that icon to activate strobing of the smart lights.

2. Use an IFTTT recipe

The IFTTT is an automatic command that starts an action or response to a specific event. Many new smart lights also have a feature that you can use to make your bulbs flash in a certain rhythm. 

First, you will have to create or set up an IFTTT account. This account can be created freely at the website. 

Once set up, this account can be used to activate responses in your smart lights. Even though the IFTTT is used mainly to respond by sending emails, it can also trigger your smart lights to change color and flash.

You are supposed to formulate a recipe that should activate the flashing effect when you or another person mentions the word “Strobe.”

3. Use a third-party app

You can use the third-party app if the smart light does not have the app. If your lights are compatible with any other control third-party app, you can use it to control your lights. 

Some third-party apps that can help you control your smart lights include the duoCo Strip app. One good thing about such an app is that it can offer more functions than some common manufacturer-made apps.

For the Philips hue lights, the ‘Hue Disco’ app works best for starting the probe effect on your lights.

4. Sync Them To Music

Smart lights can be synched with home music using a third-party app. One commonly used app is duoCo Strip, which makes your lights create a visual effect that matches the playing music.

The lights blink in line with the beat of the music. If you want that flash effect at a party, this works well with lights. With a well-integrated control system, you can still sync your lights to music through voice commands. The voice command can also include the number of seconds you wish the lights to flash.

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Smart lights are an essential part of a modern home. With the numerous parties that occur in modern homes, there is always a need to make the party more likely. Strobing lights make this assignment very simple and quick to accomplish. You can consider the methods above and make your smart lights strobe, giving your home interior, backyard, or front door space an attractive feel.

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