Where is the MAC Address On a Smart Light Bulb?

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Did you know that there’s a MAC address on a smart light bulb? Sure, this unique, 12-character alphanumeric attribute can sometimes be printed on a bulb’s base, packaging box, or both.

It normally looks like this; AB:89:10:11:12:13. If it isn’t printed anywhere, that does not mean that it’s not there. It’s there and you can follow any of the two methods described below to unravel it.

Method 1: Check On the Device Information Menu On Your Smart Bulb’s Native App

This is the simplest one of the two methods;

  • First, download and install the smart bulb’s companion app on your mobile.
  • Then, launch the app and go to the device information menu where you’ll see the MAC address.

Method 2: Use a Windows Laptop To Create a Mobile Hotspot Where You’ll See the Smart Bulb’s Mac Address

Windows 10 and other higher versions allow you to turn your laptop into a mobile hotspot through which other internet-enabled devices can connect to the internet. Here’s how you can find the MAC address of your smart bulb by using your laptop to create a mobile hotspot where you’ll see it;

First, launch a “laptop hotspot” by following these steps;

  • Click the Windows icon on the bottom of your screen>“Settings”>“Network & Internet”>“Mobile Hotspot”.
  • Push the button next to “Mobile Hotspot” from “Off” to “On” to enable the hotspot.

Connect your mobile phone to the hotspot.

This step will help you find its Mac address. It will also enable you to download and install the smart bulb’s companion app.

Remember that you’ll need the app to be able to connect the bulb to the internet. You can connect the phone to the laptop hotspot you just launched simply by following these steps;

  • Go to your phone’s “Settings” followed by “Network and Internet”.
  • Tap the button next to “Wi-Fi” to launch your phone’s Wi-Fi. N/B: You’ll see your laptop hotspot name shown under the available networks.
  • Tap the hotspot name. N/B: This step will require the hotspot password, which is shown on your laptop’s “Mobile Hotspot” window under “Network Properties”.
  • Once you enter the password on your phone, click to connect the phone to the hotspot.
  • Then you can see the phone’s MAC address on the Mobile Hotspot window open on your laptop. N/B: You can write the address down on a piece of paper.

Now that you have your smartphone’s Mac Address, it’s time to find your smart bulb’s Mac address as well. Here are the steps to do so;

  • With your smartphone still connected to your laptop hotspot, download your bulb’s native app.
  • Next, tap “Create an Account”.
  • Then select the device you want to add to the app, in this case, the smart bulb.
  • Now, tap the Wi-Fi network to which to connect the bulb. N/B: Choose your laptop hotspot. The app will ask you to enter a password(the laptop hotspot one). Enter that to connect to the hotspot.
  • Next, go back to your mobile hotspot window to see your smart bulb’s Mac address. You’ll see two Mac addresses shown; one for your smartphone and the other one for your smart bulb. Now, the address that doesn’t match the one you wrote down on a piece of paper a while ago is your smart bulb’s Mac address.

What’s The Point of A MAC Address?

Mac addresses serve a very important role in a network of smart devices. Since these addresses provide unique identities for each device connected to the network, they enable the respective native app to identify and distinguish one device from another. That’s what makes it possible for the app to turn on your smart living room lights and leave the bedroom ones off.

Is The MAC Address Similar To An IP Address?

The Mac address should not be confused with an IP address. While the latter can change(lookup dynamic IP addresses) the former will always be static.

Final Thoughts

Surprisingly, a lot of people don’t know that even smart bulbs have a MAC address! Like your smartphone, laptop, or any other internet-enabled smart device, each of your smart bulbs has its own unique (MAC) media access control address. This is usually printed on the base of the bulb, packaging box, or both. But sometimes it’s not printed anywhere, maybe for security reasons or other. If your smart bulbs don’t have their individual Mac addresses printed on them or on the packaging boxes that they came with, you can find those pieces of information by using either of the above methods.

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