How to Reset a Blink Sync Module (Easy Guide)

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The Blink Sync Module is the central hub connecting your Blink cameras and system. It allows your cameras to communicate, provides remote access, and stores video clips in the cloud. Sometimes, you may need to reset your Sync Module to troubleshoot issues, update firmware, or pair it with new cameras. Resetting is an easy process that only takes a few minutes.

When to Reset the Sync Module

There are a few instances when resetting the Blink Sync Module may help:

  • You’re having connectivity issues with your cameras; troubleshooting steps haven’t resolved it. Resetting provides a clean slate to repair the connection.
  • The module needs a firmware update. Resetting will clear out any old firmware and allow the latest version to install.
  • You bought new Blink cameras and want to pair them. A reset will clear out any old camera connections and allow you to link new ones.
  • You’re giving your Sync Module to someone else. A reset will disassociate your module from your Blink account for a new user.

Resetting won’t delete any videos stored in the cloud. Those are tied to your Blink account. However, any settings, modes, and connections will be erased.

How to Reset the Blink Sync Module

Resetting the Sync Module is a quick and straightforward process. Here are the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Open the Blink App
  2. Open the Blink App on your smartphone or tablet. This will allow you to access the reset function.
  3. Go to Device Settings
  4. Select the “Settings” icon from the home screen in the upper right-hand corner.
  5. Next, choose the “Sync Modules” option.
  6. Select Your Sync Module
  7. You’ll see a list of Sync Modules associated with your Blink account.
  8. Tap on the one you want to reset.
  9. Choose “Reset Sync Module”
  10. This will be near the bottom of the module settings screen.
  11. Tap on “Reset Sync Module” and confirm when prompted.
  12. Wait for Reboot
  13. The light on the front of the Sync Module will start blinking.
  14. This means the reset process has started.
  15. It will take a few minutes for the module to restart.

Once the light stops blinking before green than blue, the reset is complete! You can now repair cameras, set up new modes, or prepare to add them to a new Blink account. The Sync Module has been fully erased and restored to factory settings.

Tips for Resetting the Sync Module

Here are some handy tips to keep in mind when resetting your Blink Sync Module:

  • Update firmware beforehand if needed so a fresh install occurs on reset.
  • Charge the module fully so it doesn’t lose power during the reset.
  • Connect the module to a 2.4GHz WiFi band for optimal performance.
  • Ensure you have your WiFi network and Blink account passwords ready.
  • You may need to reconnect all your Blink cameras and sensors after resetting.

Resetting the Sync Module is a quick process that can solve a lot of headaches. With just a few taps in the Blink App, you can restore your module to factory conditions. Just be sure to reconnect your devices once the reset is complete.

Do I need to reset each camera individually?

No, just resetting the Sync Module will suffice. This breaks the connection with all linked cameras.

Will resetting delete any of my videos?

Videos stored in the cloud will remain safely in your Blink account. Only local settings will be erased.

How can I back up my videos before a reset?

Using the Blink App without impacting the reset process, you can download videos to your smartphone or computer.

What happens if the reset fails?

If the lights continue blinking for more than 10 minutes, try removing and then reinserting the batteries. Also, make sure the module is charged and connected to WiFi.

Do I need to be at home when I reset my Sync Module?

No, you can reset remotely using the Blink App anywhere. The only requirement is that the module stays powered on.


Resetting your Blink Sync Module provides an easy way to troubleshoot issues and restore factory settings. If you’re having problems with connectivity, firmware updates, or camera pairing, a reset gives your module a fresh start. With just a few taps in the Blink app, you can quickly reboot your Sync Module without losing any of your saved video clips. While it may take reconfiguring your cameras and settings afterward, this simple process can solve many common headaches for Blink users. Now that you know how to reset a Blink Sync Module easily, you have a handy troubleshooting trick to keep your security system running smoothly.

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