Troubleshooting the “Incorrect Password” Error on a Blink Sync Module 2

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Using an incorrect password with your Blink Sync Module 2 is a common issue that can prevent you from connecting to your Blink cameras.

When you enter the wrong Blink account password during the sync module setup process, you’ll see an “incorrect password” error message.

There are a few reasons why this happens and several troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve it.

What Causes the “Incorrect Password” Error on a Blink Sync Module 2?

Reason #1: Typos and Mistakes Entering the Password

  • Typo in password – A simple typing mistake when entering your Blink password into the sync module can lead to an instant “incorrect password” error.

Reason #2: Password Reset Issues

  • Password reset – If you recently reset your Blink account password but still need to update it on the sync module, the new password won’t match what the module expects.

Reason #3: Using the Wrong Blink Account

Reason #4: Sync Module Reset

  • Sync module reset – Performing a factory reset on the sync module erases any saved account info, so you’ll need to re-enter the correct password carefully.

Reason #5: Blink App or Server Problems

  • App or server issues – Bugs in the Blink app or backend servers could sometimes lead to password validation errors.

Steps to Fix “Incorrect Password” Problems on a Blink Sync Module 2

Double Check the Password

  • Double check password – Carefully retype your Blink app password to rule out any typos or mistakes when entering it on the sync module.

Confirm Account and Password

  • Verify account – Make sure you use the password for the correct Blink account to which you want to connect the sync module.
  • Check for password resets – Log into your Blink app and account dashboard to confirm your current saved password matches what you’re entering on the module.

Reset and Update Devices

  • Power cycle devices – Unplug the sync module and router for 30 seconds to reboot the system, then try re-entering the password.
  • Factory reset module – If a module reset occurs, you must set up the device from scratch and input your account password again.
  • Update Blink app – Install the latest Blink app updates, which may resolve software bugs causing password validation issues.

Contact Blink Support

  • Contact Blink support – If the problem persists, reach out to Blink customer support to investigate further and confirm whether there are any known app or server problems.

Reset Blink Password

  • Get a password reset email – You can use Blink’s “Forgot Password” option to trigger a password reset email and get a fresh new password to try on the sync module.

Preventing Future Password Errors on Blink Sync Module 2

Save Password Securely

  • Save the password in a secure place – Keep your correct Blink password handy in a safe note or password manager so you can easily reference it when needed for the sync module.

Enter Password Carefully

  • Double check the password before submitting – Take an extra moment to review the password you entered before hitting submit during the sync module setup. This allows you to catch typos.

Stay Updated on Password Changes

  • Be aware of password changes – If you initiate a Blink password reset for any reason, be sure also to update the password on your sync modules.

Manage Only One Blink Account

  • Manage only one Blink account – Having a single Blink account makes it easier to keep track of the correct password across all your devices.

Write Down Password During the Initial Setup

  • Write the password down during setup – Physically writing down the password during the initial sync module configuration provides a hard copy you can double-check.

Enable Auto-Login

  • Enable auto-login – Once set up properly, enable auto-login on the Blink app settings to store your valid credentials.

FAQs About “Incorrect Password” Error on a Blink Sync Module 2

I’m entering the password to log into my Blink app, but it says incorrect password on the sync module. Why?

Double-check that you are using the password for the same Blink account to which you are trying to connect the sync module. You may have multiple accounts and need to use the right credentials.

I recently changed my Blink password – could this cause the sync module to have an incorrect password error?

Yes, if you reset your main Blink account password but didn’t also update it on your sync modules, the old password stored on those devices will no longer match your new credentials.

Does resetting or power cycling the sync module affect the saved password?

Yes, doing a factory reset or power cycle on the sync module erases any previously stored account information, including passwords. You’ll need to reconfigure it fully.

I’m sure I’m entering the correct password – what else could cause an incorrect password error?

Intermittent issues with the Blink servers could lead to password validation failures. Network problems during setup or bugs in the Blink app may also be rarely to blame.

By taking proactive measures to store and manage your Blink password securely, you can minimize frustration and issues in the future. But if you do see the “incorrect password” error on your Sync Module 2, follow the troubleshooting steps outlined above to resolve it and regain access to your Blink cameras swiftly.

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